Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Hey Everyone,
Happy Christmas!!!

Hospital is coming on well.
It should be finished by end on January, well in time for the spring babies.
I am so excited, I can't tell you. Life will be so much easier.
Drawing close to the end of the year, We can sit back and say.....

We are truly knackered!


We hope you all have a lovely lovely Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

Keep an eye on us ready for the web cam in spring when the new babes start coming in....we might even do you a baby owl hatching again!

See you all soon,

Lots of love,

OwlMomma and Eaglebeard

Friday, 12 December 2008

Quiz cancelled

Quiz has had to be cancelled as there aren't enough teams...rather thought that would happen!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Hi everyone, thought I would give you an update as I haven't for a while.

Well the excitement is.....wait for it !!! we have started work on the hospital....YAAAAY!!!!

Frame for stud wall is up, floor has been concreted and a friend has donated her old kitchen units so if we keep on at this speed, it will be up and running by spring no bother. It is going to make a huge difference to our day to day lives as everything will be in one place, with a sink etc and all the gear put away in much better than splitting everything between the dining room and the caravan.

EB has been a star, spending most evenings and weekends re wiring the building and putting in extra sockets, lights etc.

Most of the youngsters are now outside in aviaries with a heat lamp at nights for a little while until they adjust to the temp.

We have also had to put one up for the small owls as they are suffering from the cold, two have had to go into the caravan with a heater a they were really struggling.

Micro has come into the house for the winter as he would be lonely outside. He is loving it and despite his cage being open all day, he spends most of his time in it watching tv! Every now and then he wanders through to say hello and spends more time in the living room in the evenings but then he takes himself off to bed.

I brought Marley Crow in last week too to get her tame as she is being rehomed after Christmas. I tried putting her in an aviary over the autumn to see if she would go wild but she is still far too tame to eb released so the decision was made to go the other way and rehome her as a pet.

One of our supporters has arranged a quiz night locally for us this Sunday but it doesn't look as if it is going to be too successful as there don't seem to be many takers but we will see.

Nothing much else happening, same old same old really, a few injuries in but thank goodness, the babies have stopped for a little while. Apart from the routine stuff, I am trying to get caught up on all the other jobs...finishing the web site and hopefully trying to do some fund raising ready for next year, if we get as big an increase in numbers next year as we did this, we are going to be struggling if we don't find some money somewhere. I think we also need to try and get a bit off time off too as we are both a bit worn out after such a busy year.

Everyone here is fine, all looking forward to some warmer weather I think. :)

Monday, 3 November 2008

Hi All

Nothing much to report. We have finished rat proofing the aviary block thank goodness.

Everyone is fine, just keeping on keeping on.

Had a little pigeon on last weekend with a badly broken wing. Really tame little fella we have called Bertie. He is due at the vet tomorrow to have the bottom part of the wing off so that he doesn't keep standing on it, then he will be a long termer.

All other babies growing well, five young pigeons still hanging around, in fact I have to put one to bed every night and then let him out again in the morning! Barmy little things.

Still got Andrew, Pete, the twins and Bertie in the dining room, I don't think this season is going to end somehow.

We have Magic the crow boarding at the moment, her mum and dad have gone on holiday, she comes each year for 3 weeks. We are going to try putting her with Hamish and Marley, at different times, to see if she gets on with either of them. If so, one can go home with her as she needs a pal.

Unfortunately, the one she seems to get on with really well is Micro. He is in the house for the winter now and they both come out to play in the lounge in the evening. He is not, I repeat, not going home with her so they can think again!

Sunday, 19 October 2008


That was a hard day! Spent the whole day rat proofing. EB laying concrete in the kitchen and safety corridor while I wired the bottoms of the aviaries. No-where near done but we may get some help from the probation service tomorrow and Tuesday which will be great. We are well knackered.

Hannah was in and helped me by doing the things I didn't have time for like cleaning out the chickens and ferrets and taking Georgie for a walk so that was good.

The five newly free pigeons were very sweet, they hung around and all came on the patio scrounging when we had a coffee, then they persuaded me to go make them some baby food! Little darlings.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Cutsie new babies

Two baby pigeons came in yesterday, a guy cut a tree down and there was a nest with two kids in. Not harmed in any way, just little uns. Very sweet they are too. Nestled doen in a little box on a heat pad.

Released all the young pigeons yesterday too and they are all hanging out in the garden which is excellent as there is plenty of food there for them.

Everyone else is fine but we do have a bit of a problem.....RATS in the new aviary block. We built it on slabs thinking that would be enough. We didn't want to concrete the whole thing as we need drainage, the aviaries are hosed down daily. We are going to concrete the kitchen and the safety corridor which is where they are getting in we think and then we have to move all the gravel and wire the bottoms of the pens....right pain in the neck it is!

Still no sign of Meg :(

Friday, 17 October 2008

Bit Sad

Meggie seems to have gone:-(

The other day it was raining all day so I wasn't suprised not to see her nut yesterday there was no sign and nothing again today.......I hope she has just gone off and nothing bad has happened to her but I doubt it if I am honest, she was so clingy, I can't see her leaving just like that. Bit down in the dumps.

I had did have a chat with Chips the blackie on the bird table today, she has turned into a bloke!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Nothing in today

Phew....little hedge pig has gone to a hedgehog rescue place nearby...I very nearly kept her as she was adorable but I stuck to my guns :-(

Everyone else doing fine...Still feeding the juvenile pidgies!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

And More!!!

You know what, I thought we were at the end of the season, no such luck lol, today's newcomers were a small dove who seems quite poorly and a baby hedgehog.

After removing a few ticks ugh, the hedgehog has had some milk and is snuggled down in his bed on a heat mat. He will be going to hedgehog rescue tomorrow as we are trying to avoid doing hedgehogs this year unless they get desperate in the vain hope that we might get a bit of time off to recharge batteries ready for next year. Cute little fella though !

Monday, 13 October 2008

New Pidge

Newbie called Pete came in this afternoon, little fella, just needs feeding up so he is in with Pumpkin and Andrew.

Thanks to Bill

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Bill and the Probation teams.

It has been a heavy duty year but we started out with loads of birds in temporary accomodation, we are ending the year with everyone in a proper aviary. It is fabulous and there is no way we could have done it without them.

Thank you Thank you Thank you :)

Morning all :-)


All well here, Tawny owl doing well, so are the little pigeon Pumpkin, Andrew and the other two little doves. The one with a broken leg is still strapped up but doing ok and starting to eat on his own.

Young pigeons are STILL begging to be fed.....I think they are going to keep begging forever! I have cut them down to one hand feed a day, daft little critters.

No Hannah this week as she is doing Uni stuff and since we are not busy, she is better doing that than coming here really.

Nothing exciting here at the moment, just trying to get everything tidy ready for winter and EB has been making a soakaway so we don't flood.

No work crews lately as they are busy with doing some schools stuff but once they come back, we are ready to start on the Hospital as I would like to get that done before spring.

Need to get some gravel as the aviary bottoms are a bit bare so there won't be much spare cash for Xmas this year.

We sat out yesterday evening after we had done and it was magical with all our released babies hanging out, Meggie was with me all day, sitting on my head and helping me weeding....makes it all worth it :-)

Friday, 10 October 2008

Morning all :-)

Two newbies in yesterday, a young dove that got separated from his parents and a this year's Tawny owl with an injured wing.

Both are doing well, both being hand fed at the moment.

Everyone else is doing well, Pumpkin and Andrew are great and the young pigeons are STILL begging to be fed despite the fact that they can eat perfectly well on their own.

Tash is getting really fed up of being shut in one room but she is due back at the vet next week so we will see what he says about letting her out and about...must get a carpet for the kitchen floor before then so she doesn't slip.

Friday, 3 October 2008

still thinking

Just been talking to the hospice again, they seem quite keen but I am thinking, since we don't have disabled accesses or loo's, it might be an idea for me to go to them, maybe take Georgie, they would only get to see one bird but it might be easier for them.

New Project planned

We had an idea !!

Recently, you may remember, we had a little lad Ben who has severe mobility and sensory problems over for a couple of hours to meet the birds and pet Georgie, Micro etc. He seemed to love every minute which is where the cunning plan comes in.

We have been in touch with a local children's hospice and invited them to bring along children to the haven to have a bit of one to one time with the birds, spending time with Georgie etc. That is part one of the plan...part two is to set up web cams on the various birds that they have spent time with so that they can watch them online, more interesting when they sort of "know" the birds concerned personally. Then they can maybe keep in touch and we can keep them posted on what everyone is doing via the blog.

What do you think guys? good idea?

To make it work, I have to try and scrounge a new pc from some company or other as ours is a bit cronky and keeps shutting down if we try to strem for long periods (I am on it...Dell, Sony, Packard Bell etc look out, I am on the scrounge and heading your way!)

It's raining

Ugh, hate winter...the only benefit of it is that things slow down a bit...good job or we might well fall off our perches :-)

Thanks Eaglebeard :~)

For looking after me while my back has been bad, poor EB has been working all day then fetching and carrying for me when he gets home....thanks love x

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Pidge

Another newbie in today, an adult which isn't flying although there doesn't appear anything wrong. The gentleman who brought it in thinks it may just be stunned having flown into a window. He will be on cage rest for a couple of days then we will give him a test flight.

Pumpkin and Andrew are still in the dining room and doing really well. Both are really friendly little chaps.

The five pigeons little ones are still begging for food...amazing, they are well big enough to eat on their own, they are so sweet though, twice over the last couple of days, one has escaped from the hacking pen when I have been going in to feed them, a different one each morning, there they are, sitting jiggling their wings at me, waiting to be fed so they have been popped back into the aviary, it is so lovely that they come back to see me, one was even up at the house yesterday morning, waiting for me to come out!

Meggie is still there, flying to me every morning and coming with me to fill p the wild bird food dish, she is a poppet.

Once more, I am just about out of action, I have put my back was an owl that did it! We put newspaper on the feeding tables in the owls, we use a whole paper and take off a sheet each day. I changed the paper in the Europeans on Sunday, putting a full paper in as usual. Millie decided that it would be great fun to shred the whole paper into tiny pieces and scatter them all over the aviary. It took me ages, going round, crouched down picking up all the bits, went to stand up and my back just went...I am in agony!

In a way, it may be for the best as it is forcing me to take it easy without actually being ill. It feels really strange, sitting doing nothing apart from hobbling about with my stick, I am used to it when my hips are bad but this is different again. Hopefully, I will be better in a couple of days.

Tash's leg is healing nicely but she is getting very bored poor love...two invalids together!

Hannah was in on Sunday and took a load of pics so I will upload them for you all to see how everyone is doing.

Thursday, 25 September 2008



still fairly quiet here. "Pumpkin" is doing really well and is now starting to gape for his food. Andrew has been gaping for a couple of days and is still sdorable. Both are in the dining room with Sid and Toto...oh and Tash who is confined to one room.

She is doing really well considering how big the operations was but I think she is getting a bit bored poor little lovie.

Some good news, we were sitting out on the patio last night and we heard Treacle the tawny. We are positive it was her even though we couldn't actually see her. She came over and had a chat with Gulliver in the aviary. Still no sign of Dumpling but we put food out for all the wild owls so he may just be taking food from there.

Little pigeons are STILL begging to be fed even though they are feeding themselves.

Every one else is fine and I have found the camera battery charger so I will take some pics.

Meggie is still coming to me in the garden and Pickle and Podge are hanging around as well as the muskateers, blackies atc. Quite a hive of activity.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Camera battery dead

and I have had a tidy up so I can't find the charger and the spare!!!!!

As soon as said items are located, I will post some new pics....the turkeys are fab!

Name needed for little pigeon

Brought the little one home. It is absolutely fine and I have put it in a cage with Andrew.

I couldn't find out any more about the boy but if there is such a thing as Karma, I hope he gets his just deserves.

We need a name for the little one not sure of the sex so something asexual, any ideas?

Children....or Monsters?????

I am just on my way to collect a baby pigeon from a vet in town...I had to post about it because I needed to let off steam, I am so angry.

Two baby pigeons fell from a nest in a field. Along came a couple of boys and what did they do? Try to save them, try to put them in their nest, take them to a vet? No...they beat one to death with a stick and would have done the same to the other if a woman hadn't come along, seen what they were doing and stopped them.

I don't know any more than that, not sure if she knew the boys or not but I am going to try to find out.

What sort of monsters are these?

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Lotus Released

Sniff....we released Lotus the moorhen today bless. We took he to a nearby pond where there are other moorhens. She had a great time splashing around and swimming. She then took off, flew the width of the pond and landed in the reeds....right where the other moor hens were!!!!

Panic stations as they objected quite strongly. We rushed round to the other side, not easy as it is very overgrown but we couldn't see any sign of her. After much searching, we had to give up and come home. We then went back later armed with nets, wellies, bread for the ducks and moor hens and a flask of coffee for us.

We sat for a while and I called her, all of a sudden, there she was, she came over to where we were sitting. She wouldn't actually come to us, we have made a point of trying to make her wild in preparation for release, but she came fairly close to us and she was absolutely fine.

I am so pleased we saw her on the second visit, I was really cap it all, we went for a drive through country lanes on the way home and saw two Little Owls, out catching their tea....big smiles.

On a light note, Micro spent the day with the pigeons today, he is a fool honestly. He went in when I was hosing them out this morning and refused to come back out until tea time. the pigeons couldn't have cared less, not in the least phased by him !


Friday, 19 September 2008

Cute little Andrew

A darling little dove was brought in today. His adoptive mum and dad have had him for three weeks and have done a great job of rearing him, but they are going on holiday so asked if he could finish growing up here.

He has been eating from a spoon and he was wearing most of his dinner but I have given him a clean up and he is looking better :)

He is the friendliest little fella you could wish for, happier to be with people than not and just sits with me when I take him out in the garden. He has met Meggie who seemed vaguely interested and I will keep taking him to her each day as I have a feeling he will be a stayer too.

I will take a pic tomorrow and post it, I took some of Meg today too.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

RIP Alba

We had a very sad day yesterday. Alba was a barn owl who we have had for about five years. He was captive bred and so could not be released. He lived with his mate, Bobbi and was a real darling. Of all the barnies, Al had true character and would fly to the fist for his tea at night. Always lively and the first out at night to see what was going on.

The other day, he flew to the perch for his food but seemed to miss and landed on the floor. At first, we thought it was a problem with his leg as he had an old injury but the more time went by, the more it looked as if he had had a stroke and he passed away yesterday.

We miss him a lot but he was actually seventeen years old which is a pretty good innings for a barn owl so I guess we shouldn't be too sad about it but the aviary seems very empty without him and I think Bobbi will miss him a lot too.

RIP little man, our Al xxxxxxxxxxx

Poor Natasha

Our poor Rottie has had to have major surgery on her knee. She has had dodgy hips, elbows and crutiate ligaments since she was a pup but recently, one of her crutiates has gotten really bad and after xrays, the vet thought the only option was surgery.

He said afterward that it is the worst knee joint he has seen and although it should now be better than it was, it will never be a good joint. The surgery was worse than he expected as he had to break her leg to re-set it into a more comfortable position.

£2,000 later !!!!!!!! (we are hoping the insurance people treat us kindly) we have a very swollen leg and instruction that she has to be kept in one room for 4 weeks and has to be very very careful for 8!...Not easy with a rottie bless her, she has pulled the bandage off already but seems more comfortable without it.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Still alive and kicking

Here I am :~)

Sorry to those of you who were worried about me...I have been proper poorly and my email hasn't been working but I am still here.

I am feeling a lot better now and thanks for all your good wishes.

Things have really quietened down now thank goodness. Loads of this year's kids have now been released and we have 5 young pigeons left to go who will be ready in a week or so. Aside from them, we have an injured dove and an injured pigeon.

Everyone from the big aviaries that can be released have been, including our two tawny owls, Treacle and Dumpling who hung around in the garden for a few hours before flying off. We made a DVD of the release which we are hoping to show on the web site soon. They haven't been back to their aviary but we do put food out for the wild owls every night so they will be able to take food from there if they are hungry while they are adapting.

I had a lovely moment over the weekend, little Meg, the tiny dove who has grown into a beautiful full size dove, was released about three weeks ago. Yesterday, I was stood in the garden with Hannah when she spotted Meggie in the apple tree next to us. I said hello to her and she flew on to my head. She then rode around on my shoulder for ages and then came onto my hand. I took her over to the feeding station and she had something to eat. She then followed me around all afternoon and has been doing the same today, well cool.

Pickle and Podge are also hanging around the garden, sitting on top of the aviaries most of the time although they won't actually come to me.

The chaffinches, blackbirds, blue tits and various pigeons are still here too. The baby turkeys are getting huge and hang out with Donald, the runner duck. Micro is still wonderful and shares his aviary with Marley when he isn't out and about. Georgie is still doing well and is a little darling, he looks forward to Sunday's I am sure as hannah often takes him for a long walk in the woods.

Now things have quietened down, we are trying to have a good clean and tidy and getting on with some of the things that have been neglected over the spring and summer.

It has been a lovely year with loads of babies, and, I am pleased to say, a high survival rate. To those that made it, good luck little ones, fly high and fly safe, come home whenever you like. To those who didn't make it, RIP sweeties, it was a privilege to have spent some time with you and I hope we made your passage a little easier.

Over the winter, I won't be posting every day but I will keep you informed of anything that happens.

Thanks to all of you for your support this season, it makes a huge difference to know that people care.

Keep an eye on the web site as we make changes.

See you soon,

OwlMomma xx

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Even More

Another two baby pigeons in today, cutsie little babies, also an adult who had a close shave with a cat but is ok minus loads of feathers so he will have to stay for a while till they grow back.

We also had another young goldfinch who got stuck by the neck in a bird feeder. He has a bad wound on his neck so I am not sure if he will make it but fingers crossed for him.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Little house martin and a young pigeon.

Thrilled to bits with the martin, I had to force feed him last night but this morning, he started taking food from me so he should be fine now. I think he is just a youngster who tried before he was quite ready.

Young pigeon is more or less the same, no injuries but unsure of what to do, hadn't even the sense to come in out of the rain daft little thing.

I will keep an eye on him for a day or two then pop him in the pigeon aviary with all the rest, I think that will make 14 plus four in the house.

All pigeons doing well, Pickle and Podge don't need feeding any more but Meggie insists on being "topped up".

By the way, no-one brought the cat in, he just appeared on his own from nowhere which is a bit strange as we live in out in the sticks with hardly any neighbours.

Still feeling under the weather but a bit better each day so I am on the mend, as is Psittacosis Sam.

I received a lovely card and message in the post from a gentleman who brought a pigeon in the other day, Dan Holloway, thanks Dan, I really appreciate it :~)

Well it has been pouring with really heavy rain here today and I would be very surprised if we don't get and waif's and strays later today so watch this space. All my little newly released ones were sheltering in the pergola and the release cage when I went and checked.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Got a blooming cat now !!!!

Stray cat has turned up in need of urgent vet treatment. Poor fella looks as if he has been living rough for some time. He has a huge abcess on his face and weepy eyes.

He has been to the vet and been checked over and is now on meds and living in a pen in the garden as I can't bring him in with my cats in case he has something nasty. No identichip or collar !!

I have tried to find his owners with no success so far but I will have to do something with him as he can't stay here....absolutely not and there is no point in him batting his big yellow eyes at me...he is not staying !

I still feel very grotty but getting a bit better each day thank goodness, I have felt extremely rough.

All critters are doing well and the latest baby pigeon is adorable.

Psittacosis Sam, the contagious crow is responding very well to antibiotics and I still haven't found any where to get him tested to see if that is what he has actually got.

Friday, 8 August 2008

You will never believe it!!!!

You know I joked about gapeworm?? well, not so far from the truth.!

I went to the doctor today as I don't seem to be getting better. First thing he asks after he examined me was had I been in contact with any birds recently. He isn't my regular doc so doesn't know about the haven. Well, I laughed and asked why and he said that he thinks it may be Psittacosis :~0

I then told him about the birds but said they were all healthy so I didn't think so. He gave me antibiotics which are the treatment anyway.

Then when I got home, it struck me..... The crow from Sunderland is still poorly and I have been wracking my brains as to what could be wrong with him. I looked it up on the internet and he has all the symptoms of do I so looks like we may both have it.

It is hard to diagnose apparently and is more likely in parrots or pigeons.......not that there are any of those here...Right!!! lol.

Trouble is, if he has, he really should be put to sleep as it is almost impossible to get rid of all together and even if I fixed his symptoms, he would likely be a carrier in the future.

Now I am really worried that if I do have it, I may pass it to the other birds...if I haven't already so I am wearing a mask when I go near any of them.

So..I am taking the pills and hoping I will soon start feeling better but if I do have it, it explains why I have been feeling so ill, it is sort of like pneumonia apparently. (sympathy welcome)

Other news, I lost the little pigeon with the head injury this morning. Poor baby had a fit and then died. RIP sweetheart.

Both Rooks have now been released but Squiff starling doesn't want to go. Chips and everyone else are still around.

Three...yes three new pigeons today, two juveniles and one little baby, very sweet.

Strange coincidence....the people who brought two of them in from the vets were telling me about a friend of theirs who hand reared a crow and released it recently...when I asked where they lived, it became obvious that it is the one we took in from the pub recently!!!! The woman who reared it lives just up the road from the pub where he was living. He is now called Marley by the way.

Right, off to feel sorry for myself for a bit, catch you all later xx

Still Lousy

Still feeling pretty awful, some sort of chest infection....maybe I got Gapeworm from the Sunderland Crow :~) !!

We have had some highs and some lows...we lost the sparrowhawk who started passing blood so obviously had internal injuries. We also lost one of the Scottish crow yesterday. I have no idea why, they all seemed fine and then I went in yesterday evening and he had died. He was nice and plump so eating well and there had been no outward sign that anything was wrong so I really don't know what went wrong with the little fella. It wasn't the one with the dodgy foot it was the healthier of the two so very strange.

Everyone else is well, we have released Chips who is flying around the garden and chirping cheekily. Squiff said he wanted to go and after much discussion, we decided to let him rather than have him stressed, he then stayed in the aviary after I opened the door so not sure what he wants really.

We also tried to release the rooks yesterday, had the door open all day...end result, Salem has gone and the wild one is still in there. Nowt so queer as birds eh?

Little goldfinch is doing great along with the Grinches (Greenfinches).

Had an influx of pigeons yesterday, a juvenile who had fallen from the nest, an adult who appears to have been hit by a car and then Rich found a littleun on the side of the road on his way home. He has had a horrible bang on the head and may have lost an eye, too soon to tell yet. All seem ok this morning though. I wonder what today will bring, the phone never stopped ringing yesterday.

Everyone else is doing well.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sorry everyone

I have had flu for days now and I feel dreadful. I am having a devil of a job coping with looking after everyone, feeding and cleaning so just haven't had the energy to do the blog as well. I have had to tell Hannah to keep away as she goes on holiday next week and I don't want her catching this before she goes as it is horrible.

We have released load of little feathery people in the last week or so. One of the Tawny owls has gone, the magpie, a jackdaw, the little blackbird and little Sid the starling.

Also, we released two of the swifts, third time lucky for Sparky who eventually flew off like a little star.

Chips and Squiff are now outside in an aviary as is Meggie and the little pigeon.

Since I last posted, things have been a bit quieter than goodness with not so many newbies.

We have a cockatiel (Toto) who was found being beaten up by some moorhens, he is doing great and has settled straight in and moved in with Sid in his cage. I thought Sid would have a problem with that but they get on really well and sleep side by side in the cage.

We had another dove who was just feeling under the weather, she is now in with the big pigeons, as are Pickle and Podge who are only having to be topped up occasionally.

Also we have a tiny goldfinch that I thought we would lose yesterday. He was found soaked to the skin the other day and has caught a chill but after getting him going with tiny drops of sugar water, he seems to be holding his own.

Today, we got a young sparrowhawk with an injured foot. I think he will be ok to go back to the wild but will have to stay for a few weeks with his foot strapped I think.

We had another crow come in from Sunderland, a cutie but he has a chest infection so is in isolation and we had a crow from Norwich also. I think he has been hand reared and then released as he was living at a pub and scrounging food from the customers. This in itself was ok but the children found him a bit scarey. That is the problem with hand rearing corvids, they get so tame that they go to humans for food when they are hungry and having a big black bird landing on you isn't always welcome.

The little green finch babies are doing very well and are just about starting to eat on their own, another week or so and they will be able to go into the outside cage I think.

We have put up an outside pergola sort of thing where the wild bird feeding station is in the last couple of weeks so that there is a shelter for all the released ones who are still hanging around, the muskateers and blackbirds are still here, as are all of the doves.

Right, thats it for now, must go feed meggie, catch you all later xx

Friday, 25 July 2008

Still Busy

Had a little owl in this morning that had been hit by a car. Unfortunately, poor baby didn't make it, such a shame, he was precious :( RIP sweetie xxx

Littlest swift said he wanted to go yesterday so we took him and Sparks to a place locally where the swifts hang out. The youngest one took off and after a couple of false starts, off he went into the sky with the others. No such luck with Sparks....he just hung on and refused to try, he just kept running up the arm of my shirt and hiding. I don't know what we are going to do with he. We brought him back and he just snuggled in with Speedy!

ON the way back from the grand release, we saw a wood pigeon sat by the road. We stopped and had a look, he had been hit by a car and had a damaged wing and side so we brought him home and cleaned him up.

The adult blackbird that came in the other week is now outside in an aviary and Percy pigeon is now in with the big pigeons.

So, in the dining room we have, Lotus the moorhen, Meggie the pidgy dove (adorable) a young wood pigeon, two baby finches who are just adorable and like to sit on your hand to be fed. The little blackbird who is so tame it is silly, Squiff and little Sid the starlings, Toto the cockatiel who is settling in nicely the two swifts, Sparky and Speedy and of course Chips and Sid! Oh and the new pigeon. It will be interesting to see what today brings...hopefully it will bring Hannah who has offered to do an extra day bless her heart :)

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

And now for something different.....

A cockatiel!!!

found locally today being beaten up by some water birds. Sweet little thing, a bit shy but used to being in a cage rather than an aviary.

He has less feathers than when he started the day but not too bad really considering :) I will have a ring around vets etc and local radio see if I can find his mum and dad, if not, I guess he will just have to put up with us and Sid :)

Also, two cutsie little green finches. About a week off fledging I would think, seem fine apart from one has a dodgy leg so we need to put on our thinking caps on to see if we can find a way to support it as it seems to be the joint that is the trouble.

Everyone else ok but we are worn out !

Another Blackbird

She came in this morning. An injured adult :(

Unfortunately, her wounds were too severe to be fixed and we had to have her put to sleep. A real shame as she was so strong otherwise and very brave as she must have been in considerable pain.

RIP sweetheart xxx

All fine

All ok this morning apart from the first RTA tawny owl. She is looking right poorly, she is back on pain killers :(

Newest baby blackie as as cute as nuts, really sweet and I can't believe how tame he is, open his cage and he flies onto your hand to be fed.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Better angle on web cam

had a fiddle and the pic is much better now, you can see much more of the cage :)

New little pigeon

Little fella came in this morning, just out of the nest too early I think. No apparent injuries.

All the rest are ok today, Lotus is doing well, tiny little thing, I think she must have only hatched the last day or so bless.

Both RTA tawnies seem to be doing ok, as is the magpie, all looking much better than when they came in.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Sad News

One of the chickens has gone missing and I think a fox has taken her....the biggest shame is that she is the mum of the little babies, Munkee who I put a pic of on earlier :(

The chickens are all free range so it is always a risk but I have to say, we don't lose many, only 3 in 6 years but it is awful each time.

They are all shut up at night so the risk is lessened but I have tried penning them and they hated it.

The babies have ganged up with the 4 little ones that I hand reared and went into the chicken house all on their own tonight and snuggled up together.

The fox tried to get Skeet the guinea fowl too but she got away, minus a huge amount of lucky girl.

Strange thing is though, the lack of feathers from Munkee....there is just a chance that she is sitting on some eggs somewhere so we will keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Web Cam

Lotus is the star of the show on the webcam this week.

You have to bear with her as the camera is not very wide angle so you have to wait for her to come into the shot but since if is focused on the food dish, you shouldn't have to wait too long.


The tiny baby moorhen is just lovely. Little scrap, not even a handful, found in some reeds all cold and wet. Hopefully she won't have a any after effects, shame I haven't got any little chickens to put her in with. Will post a pic later.

She is called Lotus as she was found at the Lotus car plant.

Baby Moorhen

On it's way in !! :~0

Another Swift

another young swift just brought in. Seems fine but too young to be out flying really, his wings need to be quite a bit longer than his tail and at the moment, they are only about a centimetre longer so we will have to feed him up.

New Blackie

New little Blackie in this morning, fledgeling who seems to have got split from his parents.

Hannah was in yesterday and took loads of photo's of everyone. I will upload them later and see what we have got. I will post the best ones.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

All ok

All fine today, no great calamities or anything.

3 new additions, we have another juvenile starling called Sid who has to be "little sid" so big Sid doesn't get upset, a pigeon who lost his tail to a cat but it otherwise ok and another Tawny owl hit by a car. It seems ok but we will know more if it makes it through the night ok.

The little thrush is ok, Chips is still feeding him and the adult blackie is doing well although she is still too sore to be able to fly.

Oh, I do have some good news actually, remember the crow that came down from Scotland who had a deformed foot? well I strapped it up which was uncomfortable for him but I took the strapping off today and honestly, you wouldn't know which foot it was, it is perfect. Much better than I could have hoped for. He can grip the perch, stand and walk on it so I am well happy with that and so is he I think.

Still Here

I went out this morning and all three tiddlers were sitting on the backs of chairs on the patio. All shouted hello. Also about 4 of the doves but so sign of Pin this morning so far.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Well that worked ok

I opened the door of the hacking aviary this morning and let the two doves and the blackbird free if they wanted to go. Also opened the finch cage.

All of them, doves, blackie and finches have spent the day in and out of the aviary, I thought they would sleep in there but they all cleared off tonight, guess they will be back for breakfast in the morning.

Sparky is not wheezing at all today so I am not sure what that was about. We tried to release him tonight. We took him a couple of miles away to where a flock of swifts were feeding. Only problem was, he didn't want to go so we have had to bring him home again. Hey ho, try again next week I suppose.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Swifts

Sparks is wheezing a bit today, I have no idea why, he has been so healthy it's untrue. WE weighed him yesterday and measured his wings and he is about ready to about sod's law! I really can't think why he is poorly though, no-one else has a respiratory problem and he is in exactly the same conditions as he has been all along, maybe a bit cooler as there is no heating on and the weather is a bit cooler but by no means cold. Bit of a mystery, I do hope he is going to be ok :~(

Guess what lol

Little tinkers came back! No sign of d'Artangon yet but I went to feed Percy and co and Athos and Porthos were hopping around under the cage, I think they were trying to get in. Then they went into the wild bird aviary safety corridor and we went in after them. They let us pick them up no problem and we popped them back in the cage with Aramis for the night. I will open them up again tomorrow as the forecast is a bit better. They seemed quite happy and were more concerned about getting their supper than anything.

All that worrying for nothing!

Just had a chat with one of them !!

I went out and he was on the bird feeder ! He hopped onto the fence and let me go up to him. We had a bit of a chat and he flew off again. I feel a bit better now, if he is ok, the other two probably are as well. I will open the cage again tomorrow and let Aramis out.

Thanks for your support peeps xxx

Worried Sick

It has been raining cats and dogs since I released the finches. I wasn't planning to do it today but Porthos escaped when I was changing their food so I thought it was better to let them all go. Everything was fine but then the heavens opened.Aramis is still in the cage but no sign of the others. I have been wandering around in the rain like a crazy lady looking for them in case they got wet and are on the ground somewhere.

End result, no sign of them and I am soaked !

I know, you are all saying stop worrying, they will be fine but this is the best and the worst bit, (well nearly, worst is if they die obviously) when I release them. It is fab to see them go but then I worry myself silly over them.

Best go and have another look I suppose :(


Poor baby is back in the house again. She was having a lovely time but I got a young thrush in and it is too scared to take food from me so I had to get her in to feed it :)

She works so hard bless her, Rich says she will have to have a Christmas bonus :)

Little Finches were released today and they are sitting in the tree apart from Aramis who wants to stay in the cage. I guess he will pluck up courage later in the day.

Another sweet thing happened, we have put all the crows and Jackdaws together and they just seem so happy in their new aviary. JD the Jackdaw and his "mate" Charlie crow are sitting on the highest branch, snuggled together and nibbling each other's beaks, they really seem to love each other :)

Percy, Pickle and Podge the baby pigeons are quite happy outside in their aviary, they are pecking a little but I still have to had feed them. They have the older one in with them too, the one that can't walk very well and they all seem to be fine, watching the world go by.

The two young doves and Pin are also doing well, won't be long until they can go too I don'tthink.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Chips and Pin

are now outside with the two little doves.

All we have left in the dining room is Sid, Squiff and the little pidgy dove.

We had a big clean up in there today and moved out all the empty cages so we are good to go again if anymore come in....which I feel sure they will.

The magpie and the tawny are still doing well also.

Unfortunately, the tiddler didn't make it, it had a cat bite :( It died mid morning. RIP baby xxxx

I am also looking after some baby parrots for a friend today, 6 of the little fellas, awfully tempted to keep one to play with Sid :)

So, all quite on the eastern front which is good as there are loads more jobs to do outside now so many little ones are out there.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Dove Babes

Are roosting in the trees rather than the aviary so Chips and co can move out there tomorrow. Turkey babies and Gizmo the pheasant are outside now and seem to have settled to it. They are in a run most of the time at the moment as they are too small to go free range just yet but they were out for plays again this afternoon and pooped all over me :)

It was lovely this afternoon, I sat in the garden for a while, near the new wild bird aviaries, surrounded by all my little ones, some in their aviaries, some running around, all the little doves , chickens, Micro, Georgie and Donald duck, absolute magic !


There are people :)

I am having a massive change around. The baby finches are now outside in a big cage, getting ready to go. The baby pigeons are all outside in an aviary. They are still being topped up with hand rearing formula but as the weather is so nice, they may as well be out there.

The Crows and Jackdaws are all in together and getting on really well.

Micro now has his own house which is open all day so that he can come and go as he pleases. He loves it and spends more time in it than I would have expected.

A brilliant thing happened today, I opened the aviary door for the little doves yesterday (the three that were ready to go, two more still indoors). Anyway, about mid afternoon, they flew off and although they came back a couple of times, they did not sleep in the aviary overnight. No sign of them this morning so I thought they had flown off. I was cleaning out their aviary ready fot Chip and Pin and the other doves when I happened to walk around the pond to the other side of the garden, there on the fence sat my three babes and a wild baby that has been living in the garden. All four have been hanging around since, on the ground, eating with the chickens and sunbathing. It was a lovely feeling.

If they don't sleep in the aviary tonight, I will move Chips and co tomorrow ready for release maybe next week.

Had another tiny brought in today, little blue tit by the looks of it :) only a few days old.

Is anybody reading this?

Just wondered if I am talking to myself :)

If there is anybody there, please leave a comment occasionally so I know I am not alone :))

Do you believe in Angels?

We do. Time and time again they have given us what we need just when we need it.

The night before last, we were having a discussion about the latest Swift. One of it's wings isn't working correctly. If it is going to migrate, it will need to be released by the end of the month and looking at it, that is highly unlikely. Problem is, if you try to overwinter them they are prone to SADS and usually don't make it. So we were saying, we need to get a light box for the little fella. Lo and behold, the very next day, I went onto our local Freecycle site and someone had offered one free. I got in touch with her and she is going to bring it over to me on Thursday....just how cool is that....(or warm really thinking about it!).

Yet again, our Angels are taking care of the birds needs :)

Sunday, 13 July 2008

All's the moment anyway

Newbies all doing ok. The tawny is sitting up and looking better although still far from recovered.

The Magpie is a lot better, eating well and walking using both legs.

Little swift is doing fine, eating waxworms like a good un.

All others are doing fine too...apart from me...I am stressed and worn out so if anyone wants to come and help clean cages etc.....feel free....please !!!

Seriously, we really could do with some volunteer help if there is anyone local reading this. We would be very grateful.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Well worn out!

We spent the day today at Hedgehog Rescue's open day....we didn't have enough to do so we thought we would do a bit of fund raising lol.

We took Sparky swift and Meg the pidgy with us as they needed feeding regularly, (the others are feeding well enough to be left for a while), Georgie Barn owl and Micro.

Those two were amazing, not surprising really with Georgie as he is used to being jessed up and handled but it was the first time we had put anklets and a leash on Micro...he was great. The two of them spent the day meeting and greeting people, and seemed to really enjoy it.

Our lovely volunteer, Hannah gave up her Saturday to come with us. She is a godsend, she spent most of the day with Georgie who she adores, I am almost at the point of checking her bag before she leaves to make sure he isn't hidden in there. She was very good with both George and the people, explaining about both him and barn owls in general, explaining why they should not be stroked etc...a great help.

The main reason we wanted to do some fund raising is that we would like to buy a brooder for when we have tiny nestlings, I am sure that it will increase the survival rate....we raised £112 today, just with collection tins....we are very happy bunnies.

Thank you to Sandra and all at Hedgehog Rescue, both for inviting us along and for taking such good care of us, supplying us with food and drinks all day long, not only was it a good day in terms of fund raising but it was also a really lovely day, despite the rain.

We got back tonight and took in a juvenile magpie with an injured leg, he is a real sweetie but he looks as if he has been injured for some while so he is quite weak. He has been medicated and is snuggled under a heat lamp in the caravan with the Tawny owl who came in last night...he is still with us and managed a little food tonight but he is still fairly poorly.

We then had a call about a swift that a lady had found but she was unable to get it to us so off we went again to collect him from the other side of town. he was very cold and hungry but he has had some food now and is warm and cosy on a heat mat so fingers crossed for him.

Another day in paradise :) All other little feathery people are fine, I am just going to do the last feed on the pigeons then we are off to bed as we have a crew in tomorrow so it will be busy again.

RTA Tawny Owl

Had a juvenile Tawny Owl brought in late last night after being clipped by a car.

No apparent wounds but a fairly bad knock on the head.

Gave her painkillers and left her in a box on a heat pad overnight. She is looking a lot brighter this morning, sitting up and looking around which is very promising.

All others fine and well, post again later.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Good Morning !

All well this morning and I have Martha in today to help, so all is well in my little world.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Going round the room

The dining room that is, thought I would update on who we have in there at the moment.

We have the Muskateer finches who are just fab. They are such little characters. They are forever escaping from their cage when they are being cleaned out and it takes ages to catch them up again. They fly around with the others, all squealing and having a whale of a time.

Then there is Chips the blackie, still feeding Pin the other blackie although he can actually feed himself now. They are both out most of the time.

Sparks the swift is doing well, I think we will be able to release him. I will take him over to a friends house as she has swifts whereas we don't. He is in his cage as he cant fly around.

Then there are the little pigeons. Percy is like one of those old bombers, he can fly really well now and spends most of his time on top of Sid the parakeet's cage with the little dove who is almost ready to go outside into an aviary with the other four awaiting release.

The two smaller pigeons are starting to peck at food and are growing really well. They should be flying by next week I should think.

The older pigeon with dodgy legs is still not able to stand very well, I am hoping that it isn't anything permanent. I have to keep hosing down his bottom in the bath to keep him clean!

Then we have Meggie the new baby pidgydove. She is just adorable. Seems to be doing ok. We had a problem with her yesterday when she came in as she had crop stasis. The food in her crop had solidified as she was cold. Some warm sugar water syringed into her crop and a gentle massage soon fixed it and she is looking much better now. Fingers still crossed for the cat spit.

The turkeys, Parsely and Thyme are very lovely and very loving. They adore being cuddled too. Giszmo the Pheasant is doing a lot better now she is in the puppy pen with them and they seem to be quite fond of her. All three sleep together in their bed.

Squiff is being his normal naughty self, stealing everyone else's worms whenever he can.

Sid is having the time of his life with lots of pals to fly around with.

I think thats all of them in there at the moment!

Life would be easier if I kept them all in their cages all the time but it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun!

We took Jolly (now re-named Georgie) the owl out with us in the jeep tonight for the first time. He loved it. He sat on the grab bar in the front, looking out of the windscreen, I had hold of his leash but didn't need it really as he sat very well, leaning around corners. He has fitted in here brilliantly and spends most of his time indoors with us.

Micro is fabulous as ever still just as tame and also spending a lot of time in the house.

New volunteer

A new volunteer started today, Martha. She lives locally and wants to be a vet nurse. She offered to come over and lend a hand to get some experience with bird. She is a great help, pitched in like a Trojan, cleaning etc, even washed the dining room floor. She is coming back again tomorrow too. Thanks Martha!

Wed evening

Lost the little sparrow tonight. He had a big lump on the side of his neck where I think a cat had bitten him. poor little fella.........we seem to have good runs and bad ones, bad one at the minute.

Having said that, loads of them are doing great.

Stop Press

Just had a look at the comments setting. It was set for registered users only. I have now changed it so anyone can leave a comment. Please feel free to join in by posting anything you want to say :)


Birthday went fine, lovely friends, lovely party, lovely presents, lovely mess!!

I am so far behind with everything it's not true....never mind, housework will wait.

Right, first the bad news, we have lost a few over the last few days :(, we lost the woodpecker and the older of the two swifts. and this morning, I lost one of the tiny blackbirds. The other one isn't looking too good either. It is the old battle against cat spit. Initially, I thought the antibiotics were going to do the trick but to be honest, the last couple of days, they haven't been looking so good and I don't think the second one will go on much longer.

The woodpecker was similar to the little owl, it had been hit by a car. Seemed fine while I was doing everything for it, on the last night it was looking a lot better, sitting on his branch and taking food from my hand. I really thought we had turned the corner with him. Came down next morning and he had died in the night. RIP sweetheart xxx

The second little swift has also died but it was not really a suprise, it was not contented like Sparky and didn't like being fed. Also, it was quite a bit older and one has to wonder why it was on the ground in the first place. RIP Poppet xxx

We have also lost a couple of newbies, a chaffinch that came in with a head injury and a blackbird who had been injured.

I have to say it is a bit disheartening, but I try really hard to look at it in a positive way. I can't save everything and at least those that don't make it, end their lives in a warm place with food in their bellies and some comfort and love.

On a brighter note, we still have a room full!

We have a little sparrow who I have put in with the chaffinches and it is starting to take food so fingers crossed. We have an additional pigeon who seems to have a bit of a problem with it's legs and we had the most darling little one brought in yesterday. It looks like a cross between a pigeon and a dove and fits in the palm of my hand. Again, it has been bitten by a cat so I have it on antibiotics and I just hope that will be enough to swing it.

Everyone else is doing well, growing daily and looking healthy.

I am putting the cam on the pidgydove today.

More later but a bit down this morning :(

Sunday, 6 July 2008

It's my Birthday !!!!

And I am having a party :)) Quite why I am crazy enough to try and have a party amongst all this I am not sure but I thought I would give it a go.

Mind you, it probably won't be much different to normal, you would not believe how many people came over yesterday, we are blessed with many friends, and everyone wants to see what is happening here so everyone was taken round, tour groups meeting in different places around the garden :) Hilarious really, my legs went all wobbly yesterday though with the walking round! We also have a crew in today so that should be fun, looking after the birds, co-ordinating with the crew and organising the party....and it is due to rain!

I have a helper today though, besides my lovely Richard that is, a young lady called Hannah. She is wanting to train to be a vet and is coming here on Sunday's to first "proper" volunteer. She came last Sunday too and she was a great help. She is a natural with the birds.

Oh yes, the birds:) We had a change round late on yesterday and we now have the two rooks together and the four crows together, (Micro spends a lot of his time out and about though). I have just been and checked and they are all doing ok.

A bit of a pecking order established in each area, the wild one being in charge of the rookery and Micro being in charge of the Crowerie. I would love to spend some time with Salem but I musnt't let myself as we need him to get wild. He is very beautiful though, Our friends James and Sue have done a cracking job with him.

I must just tell you about our other addition, Jolly the barn owl, now re-named Georgie. He is a darling, he was in the house most of the day yesterday and fitted straight in with the cats and the dog. His previous owner, Jake has had a problem with him though, in that he keeps screaming and no-one knows why.......well we do now.......he wants a woman!!!!! so much so that he has decided that he loves me very much.....he "loved me" quite a few times yesterday rofl!!

As for all the little ones and everyone else, all fine this morning.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Salem and Jolly

Both came in today.

Salem is a rook who was hand reared but is not tame with anyone but his dad. The plan is to put him with a wild rook, (the one that fell in the water butt) to see if we can make him wild enough to release at then of summer.

Jolly is a cute male barn owl. His dad has had him since he was a lad, Jolly is now 15 but a change in circumstances means that he is unable to keep him. Jolly will live out the rest of his days here with us.

Woods the Woodpecker

Woods started taking wax worms from me this morning...for the first time. I have been opening his beak and popping food in but he has obviously decided that I am not planning to kill him and that he may as well take the food I offer him.

He is spending most of the time either hanging from his log or the cage side now so a definite improvement.

Sad News

I am afraid we lost the Little Owl Yesterday evening.

He was hit by a car a few days ago but seemed to be a little better. It sounds strange but he was ok till he started feeling better and moving around a bit. He appeared to have a head injury and I think that something just shifted when he moved his head and that was too much for him.

He was a darling little fella and a real tryer but he was obviously due to move on to other things.

RIP sweetheart, it was an honour to know you even for such a short time xxxx

Friday, 4 July 2008


Hope you are all liking the pics, more still to come :)


Had another juvenile swift brought in tonight from a local vet. Nothing appears to be wrong, I think it has just fledged and not quite got the hang of it. It is in with Sparky swift who is a bit younger. Hopefully, a couple of weeks and the two can go off together.

Good news on the woodpecker, he is now able to sit up on a branch in his cage and hang on quite well which is fab as he was pretty bad when he got here.

Little owl is also improving, looking a bit brighter and although he is far from being well, he seems to be getting the feeling in his feet back a little.


No new babies yesterday!

Everyone is doing well, the tiny blackbirds are eating and pooing well.

The woodpecker is looking a lot brighter and even tried to perch on his branch last night.

Little Owl is also looking better. He knows we are trying to help him. He won't open his mouth for food but he will let me do it for him.

Squiff was sent to the naughty corner yesterday, He went in to the juv blackbird's cage, stole all his worms and then beaked him....little rat bag.....confined to cage till he behaves himself.

Chips is still feeding everyone in sight.

Had a cage move around and put all the baby pigeons and the dove in together in a larger cage.

Turkey babies came out for a cuddle for a while last night while we watched a bit of tv...very unusual....watching tv, not cuddling turkeys :)

OK, I have to do a big clean up in the bird room today, it is a right mess again and we are having friends over at the weekend. It is my birthday on Sunday and we are having a bbq....crazy with this amount of kids to look after but we will manage somehow I'm sure.

Thursday, 3 July 2008


well guys, I don't quite no where to start, the last few days have been a little like a whirlwind with new critters coming in. I had a count up this morning and we currently have 81 birds!!!! Of those, 20 are in the bird room needing fairly constant care.

OK, going round the room, we have the finches, Muskateers. Doing brilliantly well and still on the web cam although they fly around the cage so much it is often difficult to see them.

Next, a green woodpecker who we think has been hit by a car. He came in on Wednesday and I didn't think he will make it but he seems a little better this morning. I have managed to get him to eat so thats good.

Then we have the baby pheasant who is four weeks old but looks more like a week. He seems to have some brain malfunction so is very wobbly but I think he will be ok long term but will never be very independent.

Next, the baby turkeys who are just lovely. They are so good and adore being cuddled.

Two tiny baby blackbirds came in yesterday, little baldy nestling who were got by a cat. Cat spit birds always seem to die so I have tried an experiment. I have given them a tiny bit of antibiotic and touch wood, they are doing ok. Eating and pooping well and made it through the first night. Feeding every half hour so that is a bit wearing but not a problem if them make it, it will be well worth it.

Also yesterday, a Little Owl, another traffic accident. He is very poorly and having to be hand fed but he also made it through the night so I am hopeful.

3 baby pigeons and a baby dove in total, all doing really well.

A little swift who is also doing well, eating wax worms by the dozen, still not able to fly yet though.

I also had a juvenile blackbird in the other day who is terrified of humans. I was at my wits end as to how to feed him as he screamed every time I tried, the brainwave was to get Chips the Blackie to do it. She has come up trumps. Give her a mouthful of food and she goes straight into his cage and feeds him and he takes food from her with no problem. Although Chips' leg is healed, it is still weak and she is still bald so I think she is going to stay long term which is not a problem as she, Squiff the starling and Sid the Parakeet are best pals and hang out together all the time. I f she does stay, she will be a real bonus as she will feed anyone who asks. She even tried to feed the woodpecker although he wouldn't have it and told her to clear off!

I think that is about it for the bird room tinies.

Outside everyone is doing well. Micro doesn't fit into any category as he is inside and outside. Still a real star, people who meet him just can't believe how great he is. Quite happy to play outside for hours on end, weeding etc then just come to me when I shout him. Velcro is doing well and can eat on his own which gives Micro a break although when they are together, Micro still feeds him. Also got the crows from Scotland who are in with the Rook that fell into a water butt. Still have the crow's foot taped up as it is deformed and I am trying to straighten it out.

I have four of the little doves in an aviary now, jst waiting till they are grown enough to release.

I did release 2 birds this week, the pigeon who had been shot in the wing, he flew off great and a little cross bred dove/ wood pigeon, also went off well and comes back for food.

Clarissa the wood pigeon is still poorly and I can't work out what is wrong. I have treated her for everything I can think of and she is on a tonic but she is still under the weather.

Dumpling the Tawny is now in with the other Tawnies and is really happy. He is getting wilder which is good as the plan is to release him when he is older.

Yesterday, we took in another 12 owls on a temporary basis, 9 southern white faced and 3 asian wood owls, very beautiful.

All the other owls are doing great apart from one of the barn owls who has an eye infection but that is being treated and is responding well.

We managed to get the wild bird aviary block more or less finished this week and I am thrilled to bits with it. Just have to do the kitchen area and pretty it up a bit and it will be done. All the wildies now have spacious accomodation, all with a safety corridor so no one will escape before they are due to go.

We have two more crows due in, both destined for release so they will all go in together and be released at the end of summer.

Right, thats it for now, I will post more later but for now, I have to go feed everyone again :)

Friday, 27 June 2008

More Newbies

Well the crows arrived from Scotland and one is looking a bit poorly. He is very wheezy. I have treated him and we will have to see. He also has a badly deformed foot which means he has difficulty walking well. I am fairly sure they aren't contagious but they are isolated to be on the safe side.

Also got a young magpie with a broken wing. The wound is too old to be treatable and so she is going in with another disabled maggie to see how she does.

Little greenfinch from yesterday is fine and has been released back where he came from.

Had a call to go get a baby seagull which had fallen onto the floor o a warehouse from the rafters. He died within ten minutes of getting him home so he must have injured himself pretty bad, a real shame as he was adorable.

Everyone else is doing fine, the babies are now in a cage and d'Artangon, Athos and Porthos are all perching. Little Aramis can't quite do it yet bless.

Micro is still being a star, my little fella.

So...busy busy as normal......still have loads of cages yet to clean so best get on.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Four More

Four newbies in Yesterday.

A young Dove, doesn't appear injured in any way, just hungry so maybe got split up from Mum and Dad. Feeding on formula as it doesn't appear ready to peck.

Young greenfinch, sat on a lawn looking stunned. Cage rest for the night, no apparent injuries.

Last two are a bit different. Those of you who have had anything to do with birds of prey will know that their staple diet in captivity is day old chicks. The male chicks are culled on the day of hatch. Although I accept the circle of life, I still have great difficulty with this but since BOP's need whole carcasses and are definitely not vegetarians, I have to put up with it. To very slightly make amends, when we collected the chicks last night, we picked up a pair of babies that we ordered last week. Two very precious, beautiful baby bronze turkeys, Parsley and Thyme. They will be hand reared and live here along with the chickens and ducks.

Two baby crows coming down from Scotland expected today

Everyone else doing well.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Tuesday Update

All doing really well.

Tinies, I am thinking are d'Artangon a greenfinch and the Muskateers, maybe pied wagtails. Grey feathering with white wing bars. Now out of the incubator into a brooder with a heat pad at night only. All eating and growing well.

Baby pigeon and dove, also doing well. Wounds are healing fine and they are taking food pretty well, pigeon more eager than the dove but that is fairly normal.

Chips the baby blackbird is now managing to bear some weight on his broken leg and is getting around fine, he, Squiff the starling and Sid the Parakeet spend most of the time free in the bird room and get along really well, popping in and out of each other's cages to see who has what to eat.

Baby Ducklings doing well also.

Monday, 23 June 2008


We had a baby Pigeon brought in last night, a lady saved him from a cat, put him out again and blow me, cat got him again. He is quite a small little todge so I think he had fallen from a nest. Seems to be doing well so far.

Also las night, a baby collared Dove, this time a hawk got him! He has some fairly deep wounds but seems to be doing ok so far.

Phone call this morning, two baby crows coming in from Scotland!! The guy happens to be ravelling down here later this week so is bringing them with him.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


I think he is a green finch

Tinies, Sunday 22nd June 2008

All four fine again this morning, d'Artangon is looking like a little bird now.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Other critters in the "Hospital Wing" (dining room :) )

In addition to the mystery babies, we also have two baby mallards, a baby blackbird with a game leg and a bald head, a juvenile starling with a squiffy beak ( he will have to stay in captivity but doesn't seem to be objecting), a Rook who fell in a water butt but is ok now, a pigeon who was shot in the wing but is getting better and Clarissa, one of our wood pigeons. Clarrie only has one eye as she lost one as a baby. I hand reared her about 4 years ago, obviously she has to stay in captivity but she is very precious to us. She seems under the weather at the moment so is in intensive care.

Just moved outside but coming back and forth are Micro and Velcro, young crows. Micro is fab, he has been here for about a month now and bonded to me straight away which may make release difficult but we will see how we go. About 2 weeks ago, Velcro came in, much younger than Micro and Micro has taken him under his wing which has helped enormously. Even though just a baby himself really, he is taking care of Velcro and feeding him. A real star that one :)

We also still have Dumpling, the baby Tawny Owl. He is now outside in an aviary, ready for hacking out and release. he is so daft that it is going to be difficult to make him wild but I am sure we can do it.

The Tinies

We are hand rearing some tinies at the moment. Embarassingly, we thought they were baby blue tits but we are not so sure now their feathers are starting to come though. They may well be sparrows...whatever, they are very cute.

Their names are d'Artangon, Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

I would guess they are about a week to ten days old now. We are rearing them on Kaytee Exact at the moment, in an incubator kindly donated by Wheatcroft Poultry.

If you would like to view the babies live, follow the link on the right which will take you to the webcams page of our website.