Friday, 19 September 2008

Cute little Andrew

A darling little dove was brought in today. His adoptive mum and dad have had him for three weeks and have done a great job of rearing him, but they are going on holiday so asked if he could finish growing up here.

He has been eating from a spoon and he was wearing most of his dinner but I have given him a clean up and he is looking better :)

He is the friendliest little fella you could wish for, happier to be with people than not and just sits with me when I take him out in the garden. He has met Meggie who seemed vaguely interested and I will keep taking him to her each day as I have a feeling he will be a stayer too.

I will take a pic tomorrow and post it, I took some of Meg today too.


  1. thank you for taking in Andrew for us and for showing us around your amazing haven for birds. We miss him, but know he is going to be well looked after and make lots of friends.

  2. You are more than welcome, he is an adorable little thing. He is spending the nights in the dining room in a cage and Toto the cockatiel and he keep chatting. I love him to bits :~)