Thursday, 3 July 2008


well guys, I don't quite no where to start, the last few days have been a little like a whirlwind with new critters coming in. I had a count up this morning and we currently have 81 birds!!!! Of those, 20 are in the bird room needing fairly constant care.

OK, going round the room, we have the finches, Muskateers. Doing brilliantly well and still on the web cam although they fly around the cage so much it is often difficult to see them.

Next, a green woodpecker who we think has been hit by a car. He came in on Wednesday and I didn't think he will make it but he seems a little better this morning. I have managed to get him to eat so thats good.

Then we have the baby pheasant who is four weeks old but looks more like a week. He seems to have some brain malfunction so is very wobbly but I think he will be ok long term but will never be very independent.

Next, the baby turkeys who are just lovely. They are so good and adore being cuddled.

Two tiny baby blackbirds came in yesterday, little baldy nestling who were got by a cat. Cat spit birds always seem to die so I have tried an experiment. I have given them a tiny bit of antibiotic and touch wood, they are doing ok. Eating and pooping well and made it through the first night. Feeding every half hour so that is a bit wearing but not a problem if them make it, it will be well worth it.

Also yesterday, a Little Owl, another traffic accident. He is very poorly and having to be hand fed but he also made it through the night so I am hopeful.

3 baby pigeons and a baby dove in total, all doing really well.

A little swift who is also doing well, eating wax worms by the dozen, still not able to fly yet though.

I also had a juvenile blackbird in the other day who is terrified of humans. I was at my wits end as to how to feed him as he screamed every time I tried, the brainwave was to get Chips the Blackie to do it. She has come up trumps. Give her a mouthful of food and she goes straight into his cage and feeds him and he takes food from her with no problem. Although Chips' leg is healed, it is still weak and she is still bald so I think she is going to stay long term which is not a problem as she, Squiff the starling and Sid the Parakeet are best pals and hang out together all the time. I f she does stay, she will be a real bonus as she will feed anyone who asks. She even tried to feed the woodpecker although he wouldn't have it and told her to clear off!

I think that is about it for the bird room tinies.

Outside everyone is doing well. Micro doesn't fit into any category as he is inside and outside. Still a real star, people who meet him just can't believe how great he is. Quite happy to play outside for hours on end, weeding etc then just come to me when I shout him. Velcro is doing well and can eat on his own which gives Micro a break although when they are together, Micro still feeds him. Also got the crows from Scotland who are in with the Rook that fell into a water butt. Still have the crow's foot taped up as it is deformed and I am trying to straighten it out.

I have four of the little doves in an aviary now, jst waiting till they are grown enough to release.

I did release 2 birds this week, the pigeon who had been shot in the wing, he flew off great and a little cross bred dove/ wood pigeon, also went off well and comes back for food.

Clarissa the wood pigeon is still poorly and I can't work out what is wrong. I have treated her for everything I can think of and she is on a tonic but she is still under the weather.

Dumpling the Tawny is now in with the other Tawnies and is really happy. He is getting wilder which is good as the plan is to release him when he is older.

Yesterday, we took in another 12 owls on a temporary basis, 9 southern white faced and 3 asian wood owls, very beautiful.

All the other owls are doing great apart from one of the barn owls who has an eye infection but that is being treated and is responding well.

We managed to get the wild bird aviary block more or less finished this week and I am thrilled to bits with it. Just have to do the kitchen area and pretty it up a bit and it will be done. All the wildies now have spacious accomodation, all with a safety corridor so no one will escape before they are due to go.

We have two more crows due in, both destined for release so they will all go in together and be released at the end of summer.

Right, thats it for now, I will post more later but for now, I have to go feed everyone again :)

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