Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sorry everyone

I have had flu for days now and I feel dreadful. I am having a devil of a job coping with looking after everyone, feeding and cleaning so just haven't had the energy to do the blog as well. I have had to tell Hannah to keep away as she goes on holiday next week and I don't want her catching this before she goes as it is horrible.

We have released load of little feathery people in the last week or so. One of the Tawny owls has gone, the magpie, a jackdaw, the little blackbird and little Sid the starling.

Also, we released two of the swifts, third time lucky for Sparky who eventually flew off like a little star.

Chips and Squiff are now outside in an aviary as is Meggie and the little pigeon.

Since I last posted, things have been a bit quieter than goodness with not so many newbies.

We have a cockatiel (Toto) who was found being beaten up by some moorhens, he is doing great and has settled straight in and moved in with Sid in his cage. I thought Sid would have a problem with that but they get on really well and sleep side by side in the cage.

We had another dove who was just feeling under the weather, she is now in with the big pigeons, as are Pickle and Podge who are only having to be topped up occasionally.

Also we have a tiny goldfinch that I thought we would lose yesterday. He was found soaked to the skin the other day and has caught a chill but after getting him going with tiny drops of sugar water, he seems to be holding his own.

Today, we got a young sparrowhawk with an injured foot. I think he will be ok to go back to the wild but will have to stay for a few weeks with his foot strapped I think.

We had another crow come in from Sunderland, a cutie but he has a chest infection so is in isolation and we had a crow from Norwich also. I think he has been hand reared and then released as he was living at a pub and scrounging food from the customers. This in itself was ok but the children found him a bit scarey. That is the problem with hand rearing corvids, they get so tame that they go to humans for food when they are hungry and having a big black bird landing on you isn't always welcome.

The little green finch babies are doing very well and are just about starting to eat on their own, another week or so and they will be able to go into the outside cage I think.

We have put up an outside pergola sort of thing where the wild bird feeding station is in the last couple of weeks so that there is a shelter for all the released ones who are still hanging around, the muskateers and blackbirds are still here, as are all of the doves.

Right, thats it for now, must go feed meggie, catch you all later xx


  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather but hopefully you have turned the corner now. Plenty of fluids, ok? Thought you may have run off with the milkman or something!
    Cheers christine.

  2. Hope she does not have any ideas of that !! Eaglebeard

  3. OHHH OM how awful for you sorry you have had a bad time lately I hope you have turned the corner and are feeling as on the mend.
    Have missed reading and thought you had just stopped writing it. Glad you haven't. I am glad a lot of your charges have been released and the others settling down.
    Regards Kathy (OldBird)

  4. Wow, you've released quite a few! Glad to hear it.
    Just thought of leaving a comment as I've heard something that might cheer you up a bit. Overheard some of the nurses talking about a bird case at the vets, and then about you, they all think you are a star.
    Hannah xx

  5. Aw that's really sweet of them Hannah.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday, see you when you get back

    If you are passing before you go, pop in as I have a little present for you.xx