Monday, 11 August 2008

Got a blooming cat now !!!!

Stray cat has turned up in need of urgent vet treatment. Poor fella looks as if he has been living rough for some time. He has a huge abcess on his face and weepy eyes.

He has been to the vet and been checked over and is now on meds and living in a pen in the garden as I can't bring him in with my cats in case he has something nasty. No identichip or collar !!

I have tried to find his owners with no success so far but I will have to do something with him as he can't stay here....absolutely not and there is no point in him batting his big yellow eyes at me...he is not staying !

I still feel very grotty but getting a bit better each day thank goodness, I have felt extremely rough.

All critters are doing well and the latest baby pigeon is adorable.

Psittacosis Sam, the contagious crow is responding very well to antibiotics and I still haven't found any where to get him tested to see if that is what he has actually got.

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