Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Going round the room

The dining room that is, thought I would update on who we have in there at the moment.

We have the Muskateer finches who are just fab. They are such little characters. They are forever escaping from their cage when they are being cleaned out and it takes ages to catch them up again. They fly around with the others, all squealing and having a whale of a time.

Then there is Chips the blackie, still feeding Pin the other blackie although he can actually feed himself now. They are both out most of the time.

Sparks the swift is doing well, I think we will be able to release him. I will take him over to a friends house as she has swifts whereas we don't. He is in his cage as he cant fly around.

Then there are the little pigeons. Percy is like one of those old bombers, he can fly really well now and spends most of his time on top of Sid the parakeet's cage with the little dove who is almost ready to go outside into an aviary with the other four awaiting release.

The two smaller pigeons are starting to peck at food and are growing really well. They should be flying by next week I should think.

The older pigeon with dodgy legs is still not able to stand very well, I am hoping that it isn't anything permanent. I have to keep hosing down his bottom in the bath to keep him clean!

Then we have Meggie the new baby pidgydove. She is just adorable. Seems to be doing ok. We had a problem with her yesterday when she came in as she had crop stasis. The food in her crop had solidified as she was cold. Some warm sugar water syringed into her crop and a gentle massage soon fixed it and she is looking much better now. Fingers still crossed for the cat spit.

The turkeys, Parsely and Thyme are very lovely and very loving. They adore being cuddled too. Giszmo the Pheasant is doing a lot better now she is in the puppy pen with them and they seem to be quite fond of her. All three sleep together in their bed.

Squiff is being his normal naughty self, stealing everyone else's worms whenever he can.

Sid is having the time of his life with lots of pals to fly around with.

I think thats all of them in there at the moment!

Life would be easier if I kept them all in their cages all the time but it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun!

We took Jolly (now re-named Georgie) the owl out with us in the jeep tonight for the first time. He loved it. He sat on the grab bar in the front, looking out of the windscreen, I had hold of his leash but didn't need it really as he sat very well, leaning around corners. He has fitted in here brilliantly and spends most of his time indoors with us.

Micro is fabulous as ever still just as tame and also spending a lot of time in the house.

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  1. Your dining room sounds like the place to be! Fabulous!
    Cheers christine...