Friday, 8 August 2008

You will never believe it!!!!

You know I joked about gapeworm?? well, not so far from the truth.!

I went to the doctor today as I don't seem to be getting better. First thing he asks after he examined me was had I been in contact with any birds recently. He isn't my regular doc so doesn't know about the haven. Well, I laughed and asked why and he said that he thinks it may be Psittacosis :~0

I then told him about the birds but said they were all healthy so I didn't think so. He gave me antibiotics which are the treatment anyway.

Then when I got home, it struck me..... The crow from Sunderland is still poorly and I have been wracking my brains as to what could be wrong with him. I looked it up on the internet and he has all the symptoms of do I so looks like we may both have it.

It is hard to diagnose apparently and is more likely in parrots or pigeons.......not that there are any of those here...Right!!! lol.

Trouble is, if he has, he really should be put to sleep as it is almost impossible to get rid of all together and even if I fixed his symptoms, he would likely be a carrier in the future.

Now I am really worried that if I do have it, I may pass it to the other birds...if I haven't already so I am wearing a mask when I go near any of them.

So..I am taking the pills and hoping I will soon start feeling better but if I do have it, it explains why I have been feeling so ill, it is sort of like pneumonia apparently. (sympathy welcome)

Other news, I lost the little pigeon with the head injury this morning. Poor baby had a fit and then died. RIP sweetheart.

Both Rooks have now been released but Squiff starling doesn't want to go. Chips and everyone else are still around.

Three...yes three new pigeons today, two juveniles and one little baby, very sweet.

Strange coincidence....the people who brought two of them in from the vets were telling me about a friend of theirs who hand reared a crow and released it recently...when I asked where they lived, it became obvious that it is the one we took in from the pub recently!!!! The woman who reared it lives just up the road from the pub where he was living. He is now called Marley by the way.

Right, off to feel sorry for myself for a bit, catch you all later xx


  1. Haha! Amazing how you always seem to guess correctly. Hopefully those antibiotics should work. Until then you have my sympathy anyway.
    And a present, that's very nice of you! Don't think I'll be able to pop round though, we're leaving at about 4:00am - doubt if you'd appreciate me coming round at that time! Richard certainly wouldn't seeing as he is useless at waking up in the morning.
    Won't get a chance to read the blog for 2 weeks now so all the best to the birds and everyone until I get back.
    Hannah xx

  2. Psittacosis - good grief. Don't you fall off your perch on us!
    I was worried about Avian flu. Hope the antibiotics have done the trick for you.
    Cheers christine.