Thursday, 18 September 2008

Poor Natasha

Our poor Rottie has had to have major surgery on her knee. She has had dodgy hips, elbows and crutiate ligaments since she was a pup but recently, one of her crutiates has gotten really bad and after xrays, the vet thought the only option was surgery.

He said afterward that it is the worst knee joint he has seen and although it should now be better than it was, it will never be a good joint. The surgery was worse than he expected as he had to break her leg to re-set it into a more comfortable position.

£2,000 later !!!!!!!! (we are hoping the insurance people treat us kindly) we have a very swollen leg and instruction that she has to be kept in one room for 4 weeks and has to be very very careful for 8!...Not easy with a rottie bless her, she has pulled the bandage off already but seems more comfortable without it.

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