Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Birthday went fine, lovely friends, lovely party, lovely presents, lovely mess!!

I am so far behind with everything it's not true....never mind, housework will wait.

Right, first the bad news, we have lost a few over the last few days :(, we lost the woodpecker and the older of the two swifts. and this morning, I lost one of the tiny blackbirds. The other one isn't looking too good either. It is the old battle against cat spit. Initially, I thought the antibiotics were going to do the trick but to be honest, the last couple of days, they haven't been looking so good and I don't think the second one will go on much longer.

The woodpecker was similar to the little owl, it had been hit by a car. Seemed fine while I was doing everything for it, on the last night it was looking a lot better, sitting on his branch and taking food from my hand. I really thought we had turned the corner with him. Came down next morning and he had died in the night. RIP sweetheart xxx

The second little swift has also died but it was not really a suprise, it was not contented like Sparky and didn't like being fed. Also, it was quite a bit older and one has to wonder why it was on the ground in the first place. RIP Poppet xxx

We have also lost a couple of newbies, a chaffinch that came in with a head injury and a blackbird who had been injured.

I have to say it is a bit disheartening, but I try really hard to look at it in a positive way. I can't save everything and at least those that don't make it, end their lives in a warm place with food in their bellies and some comfort and love.

On a brighter note, we still have a room full!

We have a little sparrow who I have put in with the chaffinches and it is starting to take food so fingers crossed. We have an additional pigeon who seems to have a bit of a problem with it's legs and we had the most darling little one brought in yesterday. It looks like a cross between a pigeon and a dove and fits in the palm of my hand. Again, it has been bitten by a cat so I have it on antibiotics and I just hope that will be enough to swing it.

Everyone else is doing well, growing daily and looking healthy.

I am putting the cam on the pidgydove today.

More later but a bit down this morning :(

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  1. Chin up. You do a marvellous job! Cheers ... Christine.