Tuesday, 15 July 2008


There are people :)

I am having a massive change around. The baby finches are now outside in a big cage, getting ready to go. The baby pigeons are all outside in an aviary. They are still being topped up with hand rearing formula but as the weather is so nice, they may as well be out there.

The Crows and Jackdaws are all in together and getting on really well.

Micro now has his own house which is open all day so that he can come and go as he pleases. He loves it and spends more time in it than I would have expected.

A brilliant thing happened today, I opened the aviary door for the little doves yesterday (the three that were ready to go, two more still indoors). Anyway, about mid afternoon, they flew off and although they came back a couple of times, they did not sleep in the aviary overnight. No sign of them this morning so I thought they had flown off. I was cleaning out their aviary ready fot Chip and Pin and the other doves when I happened to walk around the pond to the other side of the garden, there on the fence sat my three babes and a wild baby that has been living in the garden. All four have been hanging around since, on the ground, eating with the chickens and sunbathing. It was a lovely feeling.

If they don't sleep in the aviary tonight, I will move Chips and co tomorrow ready for release maybe next week.

Had another tiny brought in today, little blue tit by the looks of it :) only a few days old.


  1. OM ye of little faith, see there were readers of your lovely blog. It brings it all to life for me. I love all critters even some you may not like....lol
    keep up the good things you do.

  2. I am finding my messages are not getting through, so this may be the same for others. This one is a test.
    Cheers christine.

  3. OK that one made it.
    Nice to see your new releases hanging around enjoying the facilities. Saves all that wondering...
    I do enjoy your blog and read it daily, usually just before i run out the door and again when i return home. Helps me relax and reminds me of all the birdies who have been part of my life. If i didn't live on the other side of the world i would be there cleaning cages for you.
    Cheers christine.