Thursday, 30 April 2009


A juvenile blackbird with a damaged wing and leg (cat got him) came in today and we also got a young wood pigeon who looks as if he might have been clipped by a car. Both will (I think) be ok long term.

Thanks Claire, David and Steve for collecting and bringing them in :)

All's well..................

this morning :)

Babies all doing well

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another Dunnock

Just picked up another one from the vets. Little juvenile, older than the three we already have but still quite young.

Popped him in a cage and fed him, he is still gaping for food.


The three baby Dunnocks are still doing well, the two biggest even have feathers now :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

New Babies Update

The three baby Dunnocks made it through the night and look strong and healthy this morning :)

Monday, 27 April 2009


Bumble Bee

Bo Peep

Rik's Piks

New babies

Three little Dunnocks (hedge sparrows) brought in this morning. The nest was found with 5 babies in it but unfortunately, two were already dead. The other three came in first thing this morning, little nestlings. They all seem ok and are eating well. If they survive until tomorrow, I will put them on the cam.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lovely sunny day

We had a lovely day today. Kelly was in to help...we had a little crisis, Jenson got out of the release pen when Kel went in to clean them....she was worried sick that she had let him out. he went or a walk around to see if she could see him and came back looking dejected, we turned around and there he was, sitting in a shrub next to the release pen, little darling. I just picked him up and popped him back in, smiles all round.

After that, we decided to release the seagull as he was back to normal and wanted to go. Off he flew, large circles around the garden, getting higher and higher then off he went.

We then decided to take the net off the stock doves (which we have been told are actually Tippler pigeons!) Off they all went and we thought we wouldn't see them again as they just disappeared....late on this afternoon, low and behold, back they came! We aren't exactly sure if they all cam back as some have gone into the dovecote but at least 8 of the 11 we know are definitely back so that was good.

All the babes ae doing well, as is the kestrel. Onion is sitting on eggs (chicken ones though as we don't want to hatch any turkeys) oh and Bumble Bee had a swim on the pond today for about quarter of an hour and loved it.

Bo peep is growing well and seems fine now too so all is well :)

Saturday, 25 April 2009


All doing well, a new volunteer started this week, Jackie which is excellent, thanks Jackie.

Blitz is now in with Hamish, the Scottish Cow and that seems to be going fine, settled nicely.

The four doves will be going into an outside aviary today or tomorrow and Licorice is almost ready to go out too.

Bumble Bee is doing fine although we have had to take her out of a cage a she has hurt her eye (not serious) sticking her head through the bars! She needs to stay in a plastic sided cage!

Bo Peep is coming on in leaps and bounds, I am sure she will be fine now.

The Blue Tit in the net box has 7 eggs so far.

Had another cat spit baby blackie in but the infection took hold and we lost it overnight.....I wish I could find a way of saving these one, we seem to lose every baby that has been bitten by a cat. I think next time, I will give antibiotics regardless of age, not much to lose I don't think. :(

Kelly is coming in tomorrow, not sure about Hannah.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Had a crow called Blitz brought in last night. Nothing wrong with him, he is last year's and was raised in captivity. Like Micro, he has trashed his feathers. Unlike Micro, he is not tame so he will just live here until he get his new feathers then he can be released. He is in with Hamish the scottish crow, also due to be released this year.

The Kestrel i doing well, all the bugs are gone and she is eating like a horse.

Bo Peep the baby dove is also doing much better.

Licorice is fine as are all four doves. All bearly ready to go outside in aviaries.

Bumble Bee the duckling has doubled in size since she got here so no problem there.

We may be getting a baby squirrel in so watch this space. :)

Rik is being a munchkin, pouncing on everything in him xx

Monday, 20 April 2009


Had a female Kestrel brought in today. She has damaged her wing but it appears to be ligament damage rather than a break. She was covered in lice and starved, she ate two mice within a couple of hours of being here.

With a bit of luck and a couple of weeks cage rest, she will hopefully be fine. Once recovered, we will try her flying in an aviary and if she is ok, she can go back to where she came from.

Busy Weekend

We are spring cleaning aviaries so a busy weekend was had by all. Hannah came over which was great, thanks Han. Crews were in building some aviaries which are looking good.

All babies doing well but we did lose old Grandpa pigeon a couple of days ago...RIP old fella XXXX

Baby Dove (Bo Peep) is coming on well although still breathing a bit oddly. Licorice is huge, as are Jenson & Button. Bobby is now in with them and Simon, and all four will soon be moving outside.

Bumble Bee the duckling is a sweetie and is growing daily.

I will have a bash at taking some more pics later today if everything doesn't get too crazy.

Oh and Rik....well he has now added pouncing on cats to his repertoire, little devil :)

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Bobby is now in the big cage with Jenson, Button & Simon, all getting on well.
Licorice is doing fab, growing lots.
Grandpa Pigeon not doing so well, but I think he is just really old.
Baby Dove seems a little better which is good news.

I had to go collect two new ones yesterday...a just hatched starling which died before I got it home and a fledgling blackbird which died overnight. I think whoever found it had given it water which had got into it's lungs...Please, please don't give baby birds water. The air hole in their mouths is so large that water frequently goes into it and they die. Soak some cat biscuits in boiling water, leave to cool and then break pieces off, they will get all the moisture they need from that until they can be taken to a rescue centre.

Today's new addition is Bumble Bee the duckling who is extraordinarily cute....Spring has Sprung!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Seems to be getting better each day :)

Baby Dove

She is still with us this morning, still breathing badly though, on the critical list but hanging in there bless her.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Baby Dove Poorly

Baby seems to have got a respiratory infection.....don't know how or why. Will keep you posted

Monday, 13 April 2009

Wild Bird Condo

We have a huge multi storey bird house at the bottom of the garden, massive it is...bit of a story attached but not important really. Anyway, I went down there today and on the back side, six of the boxes have nests in them, not all finished but well on their way. The holes at the front of the boxes we think were too big so EB has modified them toda, hopefully they will start being used now too.

We also have a blue tit making a nest in the box on the patio. We are pretty sure it is one of our last year's babies which is excellent. Trouble is, cam needs focusing and we can't really do it while she is in there but if we get a chance, we will do it.

EB now trying to set up a cam on the condo, difficult as the bottom of the garden is a long way away. If he manages it, we will be able to see exactly who is using it.


Is looking better. He is managing to perch today so that's a big improvement :)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

All doing well

Baby Dove is doing well, we went out to see family for a few hours today and she came with us in the brooder. Rik came too but he wasn't too keen on the car journey, it seems he gets travel sick poor baby. He spent the whole time cuddled in my arms on the way home. He was fine while he was there though and is ok now :(

Licorice is doing well, he is in a big cage now. J&B and Simon all doing fine in a big cage together, little ones starting to feed on their own.

Grandad Pigeon is fine too, just old really. We also have one of the stock doves in the hospital...the rest are all netted into the dovecotes but the males were a little over enthusiastic with this little girl and she needs a rest. She seems to have hurt her leg too but nothing serious I don't think.

We have two new additions to the Haven, a pair of Barn Owls aged 15 & 14. There were living with a lady who can no longer take care of them and so they have come to live out their days here. they seem to be settling in ok.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Brooder Cam

Is on the tiny baby stock dove...see post further down the page, "New Baby at the Haven". Now 2 days old :)

Jenson, Button and Licorice

All three doing really well. J&B are in a big cage now with Simon, the dove with deformed legs. They seem to be getting on ok with him.

Licorice is due for another cage move maybe tomorrow as he is getting a bit big for the one he is in now. He flew across the room this morning.

Coming thick and fast....Bobby

Young Dove just brought in, name is Bobby. Found in the ground under a bush, just about fledged. Very hungry and looking well the worse for wear. We have fed him and he is now snuggled under a heat lamp.

Just had another feed and looking a bit better, still a long way from right but better than he was.

Baby Pigeon Didnt make it

RIP sweetheart xxxxxxx

Looking closely afterwards, it looks as if it's crop had ruptured when it fell from the nest poor baby

And Another

Little baby pigeon just came in, very cold and almost lifeless. He has had something to eat and is now in with baby dove warming up.

Fingers crossed for this one as he is very weak

New baby at the Haven

It's all my fault. Ever since the Rock Doves got here, they have been mating and laying eggs like crazy. I have been taking their eggs and putting in dummy ones but I missed one and by the time I realised, one egg had started to incubate.

Anyhow, Dovecotes are up and yesterday was the day for moving the doves. When we went in we found that the egg had hatched during the night and there was a tiny baby dove. A little later, we noticed that another dove had pushed mum off the nest and then another one pushed that one off, the result being that baby dove was just sitting there, freezing cold with no mummy bird.

We took the decision to bring the baby into the hospital as mum was showing no signs at all of going back to it. Also, somehow in the fracas, it got a small wound on it's side, not serious but enough to worry it might get hurt in the squabbles :(

Very nerve wracking as it is such a tiny but it made it through the night and seems quite chipper this morning.

Rock Doves are now in the Dovecotes, netted in for a week or two and seem to be settling fine.

Here is the babe

Update on Rik

He is fab, beautiful, gorgeous and adorable......did I say? he is stunning?

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Both Flying

Jenson and Button are both now flying but Button gets in a tizz and gives herself a fright each time bless. Both flying from their cage to me for dinners now tho :)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Jenson flew across the hospital this morning. I had sat him on top of the cage while I fed Button at the other side of the room and he flew over to get his breakfast :) First flight and it was perfect, landing was pretty good too!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Hospital

Here are just a couple of shots of the new hospital just to give you an idea of the decor :)

Jenson & Button Update

Little people are now living in a cage as they are far too big for the brooder. They have over doubled in size in just over a week. Another day or two and I think they will be able to fly.


Licorice, so named by camstreams follower, Godmother, is doing very well. Got through his first night ok so I think he will be fine.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Baby Blackbird

Newbie in today, cutsie little thing. Looks like he has just fledged but the people who foun him think a cat got him. No injuries but better safe than sorry. He is cheeping away happily and eating like mad so he should be fine.

Jenson and Button

Are doing really well. They are now out of the brooder during the day and perching in a cage bless em :)

New Volunteer

Yippee, we have a new volunteer, Darren who will be coming in on Monday mornings to lend a hand with cleaning aviaries etc.

Welcome to the team Darren

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Jenson & Button

Doing really well :)