Wednesday, 23 July 2008

And now for something different.....

A cockatiel!!!

found locally today being beaten up by some water birds. Sweet little thing, a bit shy but used to being in a cage rather than an aviary.

He has less feathers than when he started the day but not too bad really considering :) I will have a ring around vets etc and local radio see if I can find his mum and dad, if not, I guess he will just have to put up with us and Sid :)

Also, two cutsie little green finches. About a week off fledging I would think, seem fine apart from one has a dodgy leg so we need to put on our thinking caps on to see if we can find a way to support it as it seems to be the joint that is the trouble.

Everyone else ok but we are worn out !


  1. Awww bless, Little Teil's feathers will grow back, hope it happier soon.
    Regards Kathy

  2. That is a bit different! Sid must be pleased, hope the cockatiel brightens up soon.
    Hope you aren't too tired either!
    Hannah xx