Saturday, 18 October 2008

Cutsie new babies

Two baby pigeons came in yesterday, a guy cut a tree down and there was a nest with two kids in. Not harmed in any way, just little uns. Very sweet they are too. Nestled doen in a little box on a heat pad.

Released all the young pigeons yesterday too and they are all hanging out in the garden which is excellent as there is plenty of food there for them.

Everyone else is fine but we do have a bit of a problem.....RATS in the new aviary block. We built it on slabs thinking that would be enough. We didn't want to concrete the whole thing as we need drainage, the aviaries are hosed down daily. We are going to concrete the kitchen and the safety corridor which is where they are getting in we think and then we have to move all the gravel and wire the bottoms of the pens....right pain in the neck it is!

Still no sign of Meg :(

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