Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Pidge

Another newbie in today, an adult which isn't flying although there doesn't appear anything wrong. The gentleman who brought it in thinks it may just be stunned having flown into a window. He will be on cage rest for a couple of days then we will give him a test flight.

Pumpkin and Andrew are still in the dining room and doing really well. Both are really friendly little chaps.

The five pigeons little ones are still begging for food...amazing, they are well big enough to eat on their own, they are so sweet though, twice over the last couple of days, one has escaped from the hacking pen when I have been going in to feed them, a different one each time....next morning, there they are, sitting jiggling their wings at me, waiting to be fed so they have been popped back into the aviary, it is so lovely that they come back to see me, one was even up at the house yesterday morning, waiting for me to come out!

Meggie is still there, flying to me every morning and coming with me to fill p the wild bird food dish, she is a poppet.

Once more, I am just about out of action, I have put my back out..it was an owl that did it! We put newspaper on the feeding tables in the owls, we use a whole paper and take off a sheet each day. I changed the paper in the Europeans on Sunday, putting a full paper in as usual. Millie decided that it would be great fun to shred the whole paper into tiny pieces and scatter them all over the aviary. It took me ages, going round, crouched down picking up all the bits, went to stand up and my back just went...I am in agony!

In a way, it may be for the best as it is forcing me to take it easy without actually being ill. It feels really strange, sitting doing nothing apart from hobbling about with my stick, I am used to it when my hips are bad but this is different again. Hopefully, I will be better in a couple of days.

Tash's leg is healing nicely but she is getting very bored poor love...two invalids together!

Hannah was in on Sunday and took a load of pics so I will upload them for you all to see how everyone is doing.

Thursday, 25 September 2008



still fairly quiet here. "Pumpkin" is doing really well and is now starting to gape for his food. Andrew has been gaping for a couple of days and is still sdorable. Both are in the dining room with Sid and Toto...oh and Tash who is confined to one room.

She is doing really well considering how big the operations was but I think she is getting a bit bored poor little lovie.

Some good news, we were sitting out on the patio last night and we heard Treacle the tawny. We are positive it was her even though we couldn't actually see her. She came over and had a chat with Gulliver in the aviary. Still no sign of Dumpling but we put food out for all the wild owls so he may just be taking food from there.

Little pigeons are STILL begging to be fed even though they are feeding themselves.

Every one else is fine and I have found the camera battery charger so I will take some pics.

Meggie is still coming to me in the garden and Pickle and Podge are hanging around as well as the muskateers, blackies atc. Quite a hive of activity.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Camera battery dead

and I have had a tidy up so I can't find the charger and the spare!!!!!

As soon as said items are located, I will post some new pics....the turkeys are fab!

Name needed for little pigeon

Brought the little one home. It is absolutely fine and I have put it in a cage with Andrew.

I couldn't find out any more about the boy but if there is such a thing as Karma, I hope he gets his just deserves.

We need a name for the little one not sure of the sex so something asexual, any ideas?

Children....or Monsters?????

I am just on my way to collect a baby pigeon from a vet in town...I had to post about it because I needed to let off steam, I am so angry.

Two baby pigeons fell from a nest in a field. Along came a couple of boys and what did they do? Try to save them, try to put them in their nest, take them to a vet? No...they beat one to death with a stick and would have done the same to the other if a woman hadn't come along, seen what they were doing and stopped them.

I don't know any more than that, not sure if she knew the boys or not but I am going to try to find out.

What sort of monsters are these?

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Lotus Released

Sniff....we released Lotus the moorhen today bless. We took he to a nearby pond where there are other moorhens. She had a great time splashing around and swimming. She then took off, flew the width of the pond and landed in the reeds....right where the other moor hens were!!!!

Panic stations as they objected quite strongly. We rushed round to the other side, not easy as it is very overgrown but we couldn't see any sign of her. After much searching, we had to give up and come home. We then went back later armed with nets, wellies, bread for the ducks and moor hens and a flask of coffee for us.

We sat for a while and I called her, all of a sudden, there she was, she came over to where we were sitting. She wouldn't actually come to us, we have made a point of trying to make her wild in preparation for release, but she came fairly close to us and she was absolutely fine.

I am so pleased we saw her on the second visit, I was really worried...to cap it all, we went for a drive through country lanes on the way home and saw two Little Owls, out catching their tea....big smiles.

On a light note, Micro spent the day with the pigeons today, he is a fool honestly. He went in when I was hosing them out this morning and refused to come back out until tea time. the pigeons couldn't have cared less, not in the least phased by him !


Friday, 19 September 2008

Cute little Andrew

A darling little dove was brought in today. His adoptive mum and dad have had him for three weeks and have done a great job of rearing him, but they are going on holiday so asked if he could finish growing up here.

He has been eating from a spoon and he was wearing most of his dinner but I have given him a clean up and he is looking better :)

He is the friendliest little fella you could wish for, happier to be with people than not and just sits with me when I take him out in the garden. He has met Meggie who seemed vaguely interested and I will keep taking him to her each day as I have a feeling he will be a stayer too.

I will take a pic tomorrow and post it, I took some of Meg today too.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

RIP Alba

We had a very sad day yesterday. Alba was a barn owl who we have had for about five years. He was captive bred and so could not be released. He lived with his mate, Bobbi and was a real darling. Of all the barnies, Al had true character and would fly to the fist for his tea at night. Always lively and the first out at night to see what was going on.

The other day, he flew to the perch for his food but seemed to miss and landed on the floor. At first, we thought it was a problem with his leg as he had an old injury but the more time went by, the more it looked as if he had had a stroke and he passed away yesterday.

We miss him a lot but he was actually seventeen years old which is a pretty good innings for a barn owl so I guess we shouldn't be too sad about it but the aviary seems very empty without him and I think Bobbi will miss him a lot too.

RIP little man, our Al xxxxxxxxxxx

Poor Natasha

Our poor Rottie has had to have major surgery on her knee. She has had dodgy hips, elbows and crutiate ligaments since she was a pup but recently, one of her crutiates has gotten really bad and after xrays, the vet thought the only option was surgery.

He said afterward that it is the worst knee joint he has seen and although it should now be better than it was, it will never be a good joint. The surgery was worse than he expected as he had to break her leg to re-set it into a more comfortable position.

£2,000 later !!!!!!!! (we are hoping the insurance people treat us kindly) we have a very swollen leg and instruction that she has to be kept in one room for 4 weeks and has to be very very careful for 8!...Not easy with a rottie bless her, she has pulled the bandage off already but seems more comfortable without it.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Still alive and kicking

Here I am :~)

Sorry to those of you who were worried about me...I have been proper poorly and my email hasn't been working but I am still here.

I am feeling a lot better now and thanks for all your good wishes.

Things have really quietened down now thank goodness. Loads of this year's kids have now been released and we have 5 young pigeons left to go who will be ready in a week or so. Aside from them, we have an injured dove and an injured pigeon.

Everyone from the big aviaries that can be released have been, including our two tawny owls, Treacle and Dumpling who hung around in the garden for a few hours before flying off. We made a DVD of the release which we are hoping to show on the web site soon. They haven't been back to their aviary but we do put food out for the wild owls every night so they will be able to take food from there if they are hungry while they are adapting.

I had a lovely moment over the weekend, little Meg, the tiny dove who has grown into a beautiful full size dove, was released about three weeks ago. Yesterday, I was stood in the garden with Hannah when she spotted Meggie in the apple tree next to us. I said hello to her and she flew on to my head. She then rode around on my shoulder for ages and then came onto my hand. I took her over to the feeding station and she had something to eat. She then followed me around all afternoon and has been doing the same today, well cool.

Pickle and Podge are also hanging around the garden, sitting on top of the aviaries most of the time although they won't actually come to me.

The chaffinches, blackbirds, blue tits and various pigeons are still here too. The baby turkeys are getting huge and hang out with Donald, the runner duck. Micro is still wonderful and shares his aviary with Marley when he isn't out and about. Georgie is still doing well and is a little darling, he looks forward to Sunday's I am sure as hannah often takes him for a long walk in the woods.

Now things have quietened down, we are trying to have a good clean and tidy and getting on with some of the things that have been neglected over the spring and summer.

It has been a lovely year with loads of babies, and, I am pleased to say, a high survival rate. To those that made it, good luck little ones, fly high and fly safe, come home whenever you like. To those who didn't make it, RIP sweeties, it was a privilege to have spent some time with you and I hope we made your passage a little easier.

Over the winter, I won't be posting every day but I will keep you informed of anything that happens.

Thanks to all of you for your support this season, it makes a huge difference to know that people care.

Keep an eye on the web site as we make changes.

See you soon,

OwlMomma xx