Thursday, 17 July 2008


Poor baby is back in the house again. She was having a lovely time but I got a young thrush in and it is too scared to take food from me so I had to get her in to feed it :)

She works so hard bless her, Rich says she will have to have a Christmas bonus :)

Little Finches were released today and they are sitting in the tree apart from Aramis who wants to stay in the cage. I guess he will pluck up courage later in the day.

Another sweet thing happened, we have put all the crows and Jackdaws together and they just seem so happy in their new aviary. JD the Jackdaw and his "mate" Charlie crow are sitting on the highest branch, snuggled together and nibbling each other's beaks, they really seem to love each other :)

Percy, Pickle and Podge the baby pigeons are quite happy outside in their aviary, they are pecking a little but I still have to had feed them. They have the older one in with them too, the one that can't walk very well and they all seem to be fine, watching the world go by.

The two young doves and Pin are also doing well, won't be long until they can go too I don'tthink.

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