Saturday, 21 June 2008

Other critters in the "Hospital Wing" (dining room :) )

In addition to the mystery babies, we also have two baby mallards, a baby blackbird with a game leg and a bald head, a juvenile starling with a squiffy beak ( he will have to stay in captivity but doesn't seem to be objecting), a Rook who fell in a water butt but is ok now, a pigeon who was shot in the wing but is getting better and Clarissa, one of our wood pigeons. Clarrie only has one eye as she lost one as a baby. I hand reared her about 4 years ago, obviously she has to stay in captivity but she is very precious to us. She seems under the weather at the moment so is in intensive care.

Just moved outside but coming back and forth are Micro and Velcro, young crows. Micro is fab, he has been here for about a month now and bonded to me straight away which may make release difficult but we will see how we go. About 2 weeks ago, Velcro came in, much younger than Micro and Micro has taken him under his wing which has helped enormously. Even though just a baby himself really, he is taking care of Velcro and feeding him. A real star that one :)

We also still have Dumpling, the baby Tawny Owl. He is now outside in an aviary, ready for hacking out and release. he is so daft that it is going to be difficult to make him wild but I am sure we can do it.

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