Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Chips and Pin

are now outside with the two little doves.

All we have left in the dining room is Sid, Squiff and the little pidgy dove.

We had a big clean up in there today and moved out all the empty cages so we are good to go again if anymore come in....which I feel sure they will.

The magpie and the tawny are still doing well also.

Unfortunately, the tiddler didn't make it, it had a cat bite :( It died mid morning. RIP baby xxxx

I am also looking after some baby parrots for a friend today, 6 of the little fellas, awfully tempted to keep one to play with Sid :)

So, all quite on the eastern front which is good as there are loads more jobs to do outside now so many little ones are out there.


  1. Hi everyone! (It's Hannah by the way).
    Thought I'd take a look at your blog after you told me I was in it! The whole thing really is lovely reading, I'll look forward to checking it every day now.
    Hope everyone is doing well, the dining room sounds a bit empty!
    I bet it fills up soon though.
    Looking forward to Sunday, as always,
    Hannah xx

  2. Hi Hannah. Glad you are helping Owl Momma and that you are such a help to her and all the birds. So good to have a person that really loves the birds helping.
    Kind Regards Kathy ( OldBird )

  3. Hi Everyone. I love reading all the reports and really glad there is help at last and yes, the dining room must look very deserted.
    Love Percy's Mum xx

  4. Thanks Kathy, I look forward to it every week. It's a real treat!
    It's great reading all these comments people leave - hopefully more and more people will leave them.
    Hannah xx