Saturday, 12 July 2008

Well worn out!

We spent the day today at Hedgehog Rescue's open day....we didn't have enough to do so we thought we would do a bit of fund raising lol.

We took Sparky swift and Meg the pidgy with us as they needed feeding regularly, (the others are feeding well enough to be left for a while), Georgie Barn owl and Micro.

Those two were amazing, not surprising really with Georgie as he is used to being jessed up and handled but it was the first time we had put anklets and a leash on Micro...he was great. The two of them spent the day meeting and greeting people, and seemed to really enjoy it.

Our lovely volunteer, Hannah gave up her Saturday to come with us. She is a godsend, she spent most of the day with Georgie who she adores, I am almost at the point of checking her bag before she leaves to make sure he isn't hidden in there. She was very good with both George and the people, explaining about both him and barn owls in general, explaining why they should not be stroked etc...a great help.

The main reason we wanted to do some fund raising is that we would like to buy a brooder for when we have tiny nestlings, I am sure that it will increase the survival rate....we raised £112 today, just with collection tins....we are very happy bunnies.

Thank you to Sandra and all at Hedgehog Rescue, both for inviting us along and for taking such good care of us, supplying us with food and drinks all day long, not only was it a good day in terms of fund raising but it was also a really lovely day, despite the rain.

We got back tonight and took in a juvenile magpie with an injured leg, he is a real sweetie but he looks as if he has been injured for some while so he is quite weak. He has been medicated and is snuggled under a heat lamp in the caravan with the Tawny owl who came in last night...he is still with us and managed a little food tonight but he is still fairly poorly.

We then had a call about a swift that a lady had found but she was unable to get it to us so off we went again to collect him from the other side of town. he was very cold and hungry but he has had some food now and is warm and cosy on a heat mat so fingers crossed for him.

Another day in paradise :) All other little feathery people are fine, I am just going to do the last feed on the pigeons then we are off to bed as we have a crew in tomorrow so it will be busy again.

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  1. All done and it is only midnight :)