Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Little house martin and a young pigeon.

Thrilled to bits with the martin, I had to force feed him last night but this morning, he started taking food from me so he should be fine now. I think he is just a youngster who tried before he was quite ready.

Young pigeon is more or less the same, no injuries but unsure of what to do, hadn't even the sense to come in out of the rain daft little thing.

I will keep an eye on him for a day or two then pop him in the pigeon aviary with all the rest, I think that will make 14 plus four in the house.

All pigeons doing well, Pickle and Podge don't need feeding any more but Meggie insists on being "topped up".

By the way, no-one brought the cat in, he just appeared on his own from nowhere which is a bit strange as we live in out in the sticks with hardly any neighbours.

Still feeling under the weather but a bit better each day so I am on the mend, as is Psittacosis Sam.

I received a lovely card and message in the post from a gentleman who brought a pigeon in the other day, Dan Holloway, thanks Dan, I really appreciate it :~)

Well it has been pouring with really heavy rain here today and I would be very surprised if we don't get and waif's and strays later today so watch this space. All my little newly released ones were sheltering in the pergola and the release cage when I went and checked.


  1. Hope you're feeling better. Very pleased that Pickle and Podge have done so well, since we found them as abandoned chicks on our lawn. When are they likely to be released?

  2. Hiya, another couple of weeks at most and I think they will be ready. I will move them into the hacking pen in the next few days ready.