Monday, 13 October 2008

Morning all :-)


All well here, Tawny owl doing well, so are the little pigeon Pumpkin, Andrew and the other two little doves. The one with a broken leg is still strapped up but doing ok and starting to eat on his own.

Young pigeons are STILL begging to be fed.....I think they are going to keep begging forever! I have cut them down to one hand feed a day, daft little critters.

No Hannah this week as she is doing Uni stuff and since we are not busy, she is better doing that than coming here really.

Nothing exciting here at the moment, just trying to get everything tidy ready for winter and EB has been making a soakaway so we don't flood.

No work crews lately as they are busy with doing some schools stuff but once they come back, we are ready to start on the Hospital as I would like to get that done before spring.

Need to get some gravel as the aviary bottoms are a bit bare so there won't be much spare cash for Xmas this year.

We sat out yesterday evening after we had done and it was magical with all our released babies hanging out, Meggie was with me all day, sitting on my head and helping me weeding....makes it all worth it :-)

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