Sunday, 19 October 2008


That was a hard day! Spent the whole day rat proofing. EB laying concrete in the kitchen and safety corridor while I wired the bottoms of the aviaries. No-where near done but we may get some help from the probation service tomorrow and Tuesday which will be great. We are well knackered.

Hannah was in and helped me by doing the things I didn't have time for like cleaning out the chickens and ferrets and taking Georgie for a walk so that was good.

The five newly free pigeons were very sweet, they hung around and all came on the patio scrounging when we had a coffee, then they persuaded me to go make them some baby food! Little darlings.

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  1. Sounds like a hard day was had by all of you. Rats have to be kept outas besides stealing food and passing diseases they can sometimes hurt baby birds. Hope you do get some help soon.
    Regards OB