Sunday, 6 July 2008

It's my Birthday !!!!

And I am having a party :)) Quite why I am crazy enough to try and have a party amongst all this I am not sure but I thought I would give it a go.

Mind you, it probably won't be much different to normal, you would not believe how many people came over yesterday, we are blessed with many friends, and everyone wants to see what is happening here so everyone was taken round, tour groups meeting in different places around the garden :) Hilarious really, my legs went all wobbly yesterday though with the walking round! We also have a crew in today so that should be fun, looking after the birds, co-ordinating with the crew and organising the party....and it is due to rain!

I have a helper today though, besides my lovely Richard that is, a young lady called Hannah. She is wanting to train to be a vet and is coming here on Sunday's to first "proper" volunteer. She came last Sunday too and she was a great help. She is a natural with the birds.

Oh yes, the birds:) We had a change round late on yesterday and we now have the two rooks together and the four crows together, (Micro spends a lot of his time out and about though). I have just been and checked and they are all doing ok.

A bit of a pecking order established in each area, the wild one being in charge of the rookery and Micro being in charge of the Crowerie. I would love to spend some time with Salem but I musnt't let myself as we need him to get wild. He is very beautiful though, Our friends James and Sue have done a cracking job with him.

I must just tell you about our other addition, Jolly the barn owl, now re-named Georgie. He is a darling, he was in the house most of the day yesterday and fitted straight in with the cats and the dog. His previous owner, Jake has had a problem with him though, in that he keeps screaming and no-one knows why.......well we do now.......he wants a woman!!!!! so much so that he has decided that he loves me very much.....he "loved me" quite a few times yesterday rofl!!

As for all the little ones and everyone else, all fine this morning.

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