Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Hi everyone, thought I would give you an update as I haven't for a while.

Well the excitement is.....wait for it !!! we have started work on the hospital....YAAAAY!!!!

Frame for stud wall is up, floor has been concreted and a friend has donated her old kitchen units so if we keep on at this speed, it will be up and running by spring no bother. It is going to make a huge difference to our day to day lives as everything will be in one place, with a sink etc and all the gear put away in cupboards....so much better than splitting everything between the dining room and the caravan.

EB has been a star, spending most evenings and weekends re wiring the building and putting in extra sockets, lights etc.

Most of the youngsters are now outside in aviaries with a heat lamp at nights for a little while until they adjust to the temp.

We have also had to put one up for the small owls as they are suffering from the cold, two have had to go into the caravan with a heater a they were really struggling.

Micro has come into the house for the winter as he would be lonely outside. He is loving it and despite his cage being open all day, he spends most of his time in it watching tv! Every now and then he wanders through to say hello and spends more time in the living room in the evenings but then he takes himself off to bed.

I brought Marley Crow in last week too to get her tame as she is being rehomed after Christmas. I tried putting her in an aviary over the autumn to see if she would go wild but she is still far too tame to eb released so the decision was made to go the other way and rehome her as a pet.

One of our supporters has arranged a quiz night locally for us this Sunday but it doesn't look as if it is going to be too successful as there don't seem to be many takers but we will see.

Nothing much else happening, same old same old really, a few injuries in but thank goodness, the babies have stopped for a little while. Apart from the routine stuff, I am trying to get caught up on all the other jobs...finishing the web site and hopefully trying to do some fund raising ready for next year, if we get as big an increase in numbers next year as we did this, we are going to be struggling if we don't find some money somewhere. I think we also need to try and get a bit off time off too as we are both a bit worn out after such a busy year.

Everyone here is fine, all looking forward to some warmer weather I think. :)


  1. Hi OM and EB
    So glad you have been busy with hospital you will sure need it soon spring soon be here...
    Glad micro enjoys the telly lol
    Regards OB

  2. OOh I do hope spring will soon be here, I am fed up of the cold already!

    All the kids enjoy the telly, Georgie will sit for hours watching it.