Friday, 25 July 2008

Still Busy

Had a little owl in this morning that had been hit by a car. Unfortunately, poor baby didn't make it, such a shame, he was precious :( RIP sweetie xxx

Littlest swift said he wanted to go yesterday so we took him and Sparks to a place locally where the swifts hang out. The youngest one took off and after a couple of false starts, off he went into the sky with the others. No such luck with Sparks....he just hung on and refused to try, he just kept running up the arm of my shirt and hiding. I don't know what we are going to do with he. We brought him back and he just snuggled in with Speedy!

ON the way back from the grand release, we saw a wood pigeon sat by the road. We stopped and had a look, he had been hit by a car and had a damaged wing and side so we brought him home and cleaned him up.

The adult blackbird that came in the other week is now outside in an aviary and Percy pigeon is now in with the big pigeons.

So, in the dining room we have, Lotus the moorhen, Meggie the pidgy dove (adorable) a young wood pigeon, two baby finches who are just adorable and like to sit on your hand to be fed. The little blackbird who is so tame it is silly, Squiff and little Sid the starlings, Toto the cockatiel who is settling in nicely the two swifts, Sparky and Speedy and of course Chips and Sid! Oh and the new pigeon. It will be interesting to see what today brings...hopefully it will bring Hannah who has offered to do an extra day bless her heart :)

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  1. I am sure you can rely on Hannah to show up. What a precious youngster she is.
    Lotus is doing well. Curious, confident and feeding herself. It is very sweet when she settles down on teddy's head for a rest.
    Cheers christine.