Monday, 25 May 2009

Evenin all

Well, things have certainly hotted up round here! rushed off me little feets I am.

Not sure where I got to on my last post so I will just update on what we have at the moment.

Jenson has been released AGAIN, bless him, flew straight off and sat on top of the tawny owl aviary with Button :)

Licorice, Allsorts and the little one have all been released, also 3 of the Dunnocks, little one is still too small.

The two small pigeons are now outside with two collared doves and another juvenile pigeon.

We are now up to 95 so far this year, going round the hospital we have :-

2 baby crows, doing great
1 baby blackbird, got by a cat, bandaged up and on antibiotics
1 young collared dove, got by something and quite badly injured. On antibiotics and doing ok
1 baby pigeon, fell out of it's nest in our garden and ripped itself up quite badly. Bandaged up and on antibiotics
4 Ducklings, Piglet & co, all doing great, going out in a pen in the day time
3 Lapwing chicks, all doing great
Bo Peep, STILL being hand fed...gorgeous and in with her are a baby pigeon with a damaged wing, should be ok and a baby collared dove, mauled by a cat but fine now.
Ollie the Rook and Minstrel the magpie, both sharing a cage
Sandy the baby tawny owl from Sandringham, doing great and cute as they come
Two starlings, fab but still being hand fed
Four chaffinches, two sparrows and a greenfinch all sharing a big cage

Grand total as of today = 27 I think, the majority being hand fed !

Got some fab pics of Rik showering in the rain, I will post them as soon as I have downloaded them.

Sorry no pic on blog, I was moving cages around and cleaning them all day and by the time I wa sorted, it was nearly lights out time. I will see what I can rig up tomorrow, it may just be the baby crows who are adorable.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Up to 89

Today we got in three baby Lapwings found at the side of the road and a juvenile collared dove called Baz. Top shelf is now full!

Everyone in the hospital doing well, all fabulous impossible to choose a favourite. :)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Two more today

Tiny Blue tit and a young sparrow.

Everyone doing well

Monday, 18 May 2009

Getting Busy

Up to 82 now. Sadly, the little moorhen didn't make it through the night. It seemed to have something wrong with it's throat, couldn't swallow. RIP darling xxx

Going round the room, in the brooder we deck, the two tiny pigeons, both doing great now, and a young blackbird, cat cot him but seems ok. Bottom deck we have the most adorable creatures, two baby crows, baldies. If they are ok, I will put them on cam in a day or so, well funky dudes.

Then we have the two starling youngsters, also doing well. Baby pigeon which came in tonight, bigger than the other too but still a nestling. A cat bit this one too but I think she is ok.

Then we have the chaffinches, three of the sparrows went out into a cage outside today, the small sparrow and the greenfinch, all great.

Then Jenson and another young collared dove. Jenson doing great apart from the fact that he wants mummy to feed him again!

then we have the four ducklings, as you can see on the cam, they are fab. Then we have Minstrel, the baby Magpie who is the most adorable creature. Followed by Ollie the Rook, mischievous little devils and then a young pigeon, not quite weaned.

Bo Peep has two young wood pigeons for company, all great.

Think thats all today! 22 in total in the hospital


Saturday, 16 May 2009

More In Today

We are now up to 76 so far this year !

Today's intake was two tiny pigeons who have been bitten by a cat and left out in the cold. They have had antibiotics and are in a brooder but their food from this morning is still sitting in their crops as they got so cold they couldn't digest it so bit of a problem

Also took in a juvenile pigeon who needs to be released gradually.

Then tonight, I got a call to see if I would take a duckling which turned out to be three, all about the same size as Piglet.

Everyone else doing really well.

Friday, 15 May 2009




Big apologies everyone, I have been so busy, I have neglected the blog and the cam but we have been a bit swamped.

We are really sad to report that we lost all of the peanuts. I have no idea what we did wrong but they all just faded away one after the other which was very stressful and caring for them took up a huge amount of time.

The "bullfinches" turned out to be chaffinches, all four doing really well as are the four dunnocks and the little greenfinch.

OK so an update on everyone:-

Bumble Bee (duck) is now outside and spending some supervised time with Donald who doesn't seem to realise she is a baby and keeps wanting to play grown up games :)

Licorice, Allsorts and Littleun, the blackies went out into the release pen today and should be there for a week or so prior to release.

We have two little starlings, still nestlings, doing fine

Another baby duck, Piglet, also doing fine

Jenson (not Button after all) is still in the hospital and wanting to be treated like a baby again but is getting better each day. He can fly again now but still a bit wobbly on his feet. the others are out in the garden still, waiting for Jenson.

Another young dove in, got by a cat but doing ok.

Bo Peep doing great and has two young wood pigeons in her cage with her now.

We have a Jackdaw who has hurt his wing also.

Ollie the baby rook is a delight as is is new friend, Minstrel, a baby magpie.

Amy the pigeon has been released and went off fine

Rik is great and I got an email from Kirsty and Craig, Winston (aka Neil) 's mum and dad saying he is great, along with some pics which I will post.

Micro and Georgie fab too so all is wll. just very busy. We have taken in 70 sa far this year !

Love to all,

Owl Momma & Eagle Beard xxxx

Monday, 11 May 2009

Bad Day

We lost one of the Peanuts this morning, down to three. We took the decision to leave them in the nest as we thought we may hurt them if we picked them up as they were so small...wrong move as it turned out. One of them had got his tiny foot caught in the bottom of the nest and it looks like he damaged it trying to pull loose. The infection spread up the leg and he died this morning :( :( :( :( They are now in a man made nest.

Really angry with myself for being so stupid.

We also had a horrible experience yesterday, the little doves have joined up with the tumbler pigeons and are spending a lot of time around the dovecotes. A sparrow hawk swept down and grabbed Button. Luckily, we were in the garden and managed to frighten him off and he dropped Button but he has injured his back and is very frightened. He is in the hospital on pain killers and antibiotics. I will keep you posted.

New additions today...a tiny duckling called Piglet. I have put him in with Bee to see if she with mother him. They are cuddled up together at the moment.

Also got in a Jackdaw with an injured wing.

All other babies doing well...what we thought were Bull finches have turned out to be Chaffinches and they have moved into a cage with a heat lamp. The cam is on them at the moment.

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Phew, bit intense here!

All 5 peanuts hatched but one was smaller than the others and we lost it yesterday. RIP little one xxxxx The other 4 seem to be doing ok although it is very early days and they are still very very tiny.

The babies in the brooder with the cam on them are doing great, still not sure what they are though.

Blue tit in the nest box has so far hatched 6 out of seven eggs, babies seem to be doing well.

Bo Peep has just started pecking seeds today so also doing well.

Bumble Bee is now out in a run in the garden and just coming back into the hospital at nights.

Licorice is now feeding another blackie youngster, Allsorts is doing well and is about ready for out side. I am keeping Licorice in for a bit as she is so useful with the babies and she seems happy doing the job.

The little greenfinch is amazing, first in the queue for food and singing all the while.

All four Dunnocks doing great although the little one has a couple of times, gone very lethargic and had to be put under a lamp and rubbed a bit, almost as if she is having mini seizures...bit worrying but the rest of the time, she is great.

Ollie Rook is doing great, feeding himself.

Amy the pigeon is also doing well, soon be ready to go I think.

We lost one small black bird today, neither us or the vets could see what was actually wrong but she couldn't seem to stand, my theory was that she had been clipped by a car and had a broken pelvis. Anyhow, she has been very weak from the start and she just gave up in the end. RIP sweetheart. xxxxx

All the garden people are doing well and Rik is spending some time outsixe each day in a spare aviary which he loves.

Best bit is, I got a lie in this morning as EB did the early shift.....way to go that man ! xx

Friday, 8 May 2009

All still with us this morning

With trepidation, I just peeped in at the Peanuts, all still ok and wanting breakfast :)
Everyone else good this morning, including the adorable baby Rook, Ollie who Kelly brought in last night.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Just spotted Jenson, Button and Bobby by the feeder in the garden, all three looking bonny.

No sign of Simon so far but I have been in the hospital most of the day so I may have missed him

Hotting up now !!

Well I am staggered. We took in a nest of five chaffinch eggs at the weekend. Popped them in the incubator thinking they wouldn't come to anything. I have been turning the eggs, and took the lid off last night to check them and lo and behold, one had hatched. Since then, another 2 have hatched.

They are miniscule !

This morning, we took in another young blackbird who had been got by a cat but looks as if he will be ok, and a nest of four small bullfinches.

We have the cam on the bullfinches at the moment and will pop the tiny chaffinches in when they are eady to come out of the incubator.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Doves Released

When I went out this morning, the sun was shining and the four little doves were flapping to get out of their release aviary. I took the plunge and opened the door.

Jenson and Button went off straight away, together, up and away, followed by Simon and then Bobby.

Hopefully, they will all be back for tea :)

Good luck little ones xxxxx

Still with us

Poorly Blackbird and Greenfinch still alive and kicking this morning :)

Sad News

We lost Jack the Jackdaw tonight. He died about an hour before his scheduled vet's visit.
Having spoken to the vet though, she thought that with the injury being so severe she would have had to put him to sleep anyway. At least he was comfy and warm. RIP Jack XXXXX

We also got in another young blackbird tonight, number 50 (birds taken in this year so far)
She is quite sick so not looking too good. Green finch is still fairy poorly too. Both victims of cat bites.

Everyone else doing fine.

Monday, 4 May 2009


Poor Jack's Beak


Baby Greenfinch

Oldest Dunnock

Baby Dunnocks


5 Peanuts

Just taken in a nest of 5 chaffinch eggs the size of Peanuts!

A tree was chopped down and the mum scared off the eggs and she didn't come back. No idea if they are fertile or not or if so, how long till hatch is due but I have popped them in the incubator and we will have to wait and see.

If they do hatch, I think it is going to push my know how to the limit though, Lord knows how small the babies will be.

Watch this space!

Two More

Adult Jackdaw came in yesterday in a terrible state. He has broken his bottom beak at the jawline and it is just hanging down so he can't eat or drink. Vets are closed till Tuesday so I have medicated him with painkillers and antibiotics. I am managing to feed him with difficulty but we are getting there. He likes rat pups apparently. Bit of a struggle but he is starting to trust me a little more which makes it a bit easier as I have to wrap him in a towel and pop bits of food into the back of his mouth for him to swallow.

I am not at all sure what the outcome will be when he sees the vet. It may be possible that the jaw can be pinned or glued but it is just as likely that he will have to be put to sleep but even if that it the case, at least he won't have starved to death.

Young Green Finch was brought in this morning with a cat bite. He doesn't seem too bad but is still very nervous. I have popped him in with the Dunnocks and he has taken a bit off food from me.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Kestrel Released !

Mike, the guy who brought in the kestrel a couple of weeks ago, collected he and took her back to where she came from ad released her. She flew off really strongly which is an excellent result. Job well done :~)