Friday, 8 August 2008

Still Lousy

Still feeling pretty awful, some sort of chest infection....maybe I got Gapeworm from the Sunderland Crow :~) !!

We have had some highs and some lows...we lost the sparrowhawk who started passing blood so obviously had internal injuries. We also lost one of the Scottish crow yesterday. I have no idea why, they all seemed fine and then I went in yesterday evening and he had died. He was nice and plump so eating well and there had been no outward sign that anything was wrong so I really don't know what went wrong with the little fella. It wasn't the one with the dodgy foot it was the healthier of the two so very strange.

Everyone else is well, we have released Chips who is flying around the garden and chirping cheekily. Squiff said he wanted to go and after much discussion, we decided to let him rather than have him stressed, he then stayed in the aviary after I opened the door so not sure what he wants really.

We also tried to release the rooks yesterday, had the door open all day...end result, Salem has gone and the wild one is still in there. Nowt so queer as birds eh?

Little goldfinch is doing great along with the Grinches (Greenfinches).

Had an influx of pigeons yesterday, a juvenile who had fallen from the nest, an adult who appears to have been hit by a car and then Rich found a littleun on the side of the road on his way home. He has had a horrible bang on the head and may have lost an eye, too soon to tell yet. All seem ok this morning though. I wonder what today will bring, the phone never stopped ringing yesterday.

Everyone else is doing well.

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  1. Awwww Chips has flown glad he is hanging around for a while at least. Odd how critters come in batches yesterday must have been pigeon day... must rename it that!!
    Make sure you get proper medicine for yourself as dont want to get worse what the birdies do then..
    love to you all Regards Kathy