Friday, 3 October 2008

still thinking

Just been talking to the hospice again, they seem quite keen but I am thinking, since we don't have disabled accesses or loo's, it might be an idea for me to go to them, maybe take Georgie, they would only get to see one bird but it might be easier for them.


  1. That seems like a great idea, Georgie would be brilliant with the children.
    Very sorry to hear about your back, hope it's not bad for very long. Definitely rest it, don't want to make it worse!
    Hannah xx

  2. An absolutely wonderful thing to do for the nippers. Hats off to you.
    Cheers christine.

  3. Hi just to say the children would be safer in their own enviroment but would love to be involved with the birds. I hope you manage to get this off the ground it will give the kids a much deserved boost.
    regards OB