Thursday, 17 July 2008

Worried Sick

It has been raining cats and dogs since I released the finches. I wasn't planning to do it today but Porthos escaped when I was changing their food so I thought it was better to let them all go. Everything was fine but then the heavens opened.Aramis is still in the cage but no sign of the others. I have been wandering around in the rain like a crazy lady looking for them in case they got wet and are on the ground somewhere.

End result, no sign of them and I am soaked !

I know, you are all saying stop worrying, they will be fine but this is the best and the worst bit, (well nearly, worst is if they die obviously) when I release them. It is fab to see them go but then I worry myself silly over them.

Best go and have another look I suppose :(


  1. OK now think it out. They are probably a ways off huddling in a tree with good cover and there is no way they will come out until the rain lets up. This is a good thing. Cross your fingers, think good thoughts and have a cup of tea.
    Cheers christine.

  2. I know Christine, I know and I have only been out looking again half a dozen times :)

    Just heard one in the evergreen vine I think :)

  3. I truely feel your pain. Hang in there and put the kettle on.
    Cheers christine.

  4. I'm really sorry to hear that, but try and take it as a good sign that you haven't seen them - it probably means they are in a tree somewhere nice and dry, unlike poor you!
    Take care, hope everyone is ok,
    Hannah xx