Friday, 27 June 2008

More Newbies

Well the crows arrived from Scotland and one is looking a bit poorly. He is very wheezy. I have treated him and we will have to see. He also has a badly deformed foot which means he has difficulty walking well. I am fairly sure they aren't contagious but they are isolated to be on the safe side.

Also got a young magpie with a broken wing. The wound is too old to be treatable and so she is going in with another disabled maggie to see how she does.

Little greenfinch from yesterday is fine and has been released back where he came from.

Had a call to go get a baby seagull which had fallen onto the floor o a warehouse from the rafters. He died within ten minutes of getting him home so he must have injured himself pretty bad, a real shame as he was adorable.

Everyone else is doing fine, the babies are now in a cage and d'Artangon, Athos and Porthos are all perching. Little Aramis can't quite do it yet bless.

Micro is still being a star, my little fella.

So...busy busy as normal......still have loads of cages yet to clean so best get on.

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