Sunday, 19 October 2008


That was a hard day! Spent the whole day rat proofing. EB laying concrete in the kitchen and safety corridor while I wired the bottoms of the aviaries. No-where near done but we may get some help from the probation service tomorrow and Tuesday which will be great. We are well knackered.

Hannah was in and helped me by doing the things I didn't have time for like cleaning out the chickens and ferrets and taking Georgie for a walk so that was good.

The five newly free pigeons were very sweet, they hung around and all came on the patio scrounging when we had a coffee, then they persuaded me to go make them some baby food! Little darlings.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Cutsie new babies

Two baby pigeons came in yesterday, a guy cut a tree down and there was a nest with two kids in. Not harmed in any way, just little uns. Very sweet they are too. Nestled doen in a little box on a heat pad.

Released all the young pigeons yesterday too and they are all hanging out in the garden which is excellent as there is plenty of food there for them.

Everyone else is fine but we do have a bit of a problem.....RATS in the new aviary block. We built it on slabs thinking that would be enough. We didn't want to concrete the whole thing as we need drainage, the aviaries are hosed down daily. We are going to concrete the kitchen and the safety corridor which is where they are getting in we think and then we have to move all the gravel and wire the bottoms of the pens....right pain in the neck it is!

Still no sign of Meg :(

Friday, 17 October 2008

Bit Sad

Meggie seems to have gone:-(

The other day it was raining all day so I wasn't suprised not to see her nut yesterday there was no sign and nothing again today.......I hope she has just gone off and nothing bad has happened to her but I doubt it if I am honest, she was so clingy, I can't see her leaving just like that. Bit down in the dumps.

I had did have a chat with Chips the blackie on the bird table today, she has turned into a bloke!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Nothing in today

Phew....little hedge pig has gone to a hedgehog rescue place nearby...I very nearly kept her as she was adorable but I stuck to my guns :-(

Everyone else doing fine...Still feeding the juvenile pidgies!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

And More!!!

You know what, I thought we were at the end of the season, no such luck lol, today's newcomers were a small dove who seems quite poorly and a baby hedgehog.

After removing a few ticks ugh, the hedgehog has had some milk and is snuggled down in his bed on a heat mat. He will be going to hedgehog rescue tomorrow as we are trying to avoid doing hedgehogs this year unless they get desperate in the vain hope that we might get a bit of time off to recharge batteries ready for next year. Cute little fella though !

Monday, 13 October 2008

New Pidge

Newbie called Pete came in this afternoon, little fella, just needs feeding up so he is in with Pumpkin and Andrew.

Thanks to Bill

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Bill and the Probation teams.

It has been a heavy duty year but we started out with loads of birds in temporary accomodation, we are ending the year with everyone in a proper aviary. It is fabulous and there is no way we could have done it without them.

Thank you Thank you Thank you :)

Morning all :-)


All well here, Tawny owl doing well, so are the little pigeon Pumpkin, Andrew and the other two little doves. The one with a broken leg is still strapped up but doing ok and starting to eat on his own.

Young pigeons are STILL begging to be fed.....I think they are going to keep begging forever! I have cut them down to one hand feed a day, daft little critters.

No Hannah this week as she is doing Uni stuff and since we are not busy, she is better doing that than coming here really.

Nothing exciting here at the moment, just trying to get everything tidy ready for winter and EB has been making a soakaway so we don't flood.

No work crews lately as they are busy with doing some schools stuff but once they come back, we are ready to start on the Hospital as I would like to get that done before spring.

Need to get some gravel as the aviary bottoms are a bit bare so there won't be much spare cash for Xmas this year.

We sat out yesterday evening after we had done and it was magical with all our released babies hanging out, Meggie was with me all day, sitting on my head and helping me weeding....makes it all worth it :-)

Friday, 10 October 2008

Morning all :-)

Two newbies in yesterday, a young dove that got separated from his parents and a this year's Tawny owl with an injured wing.

Both are doing well, both being hand fed at the moment.

Everyone else is doing well, Pumpkin and Andrew are great and the young pigeons are STILL begging to be fed despite the fact that they can eat perfectly well on their own.

Tash is getting really fed up of being shut in one room but she is due back at the vet next week so we will see what he says about letting her out and about...must get a carpet for the kitchen floor before then so she doesn't slip.

Friday, 3 October 2008

still thinking

Just been talking to the hospice again, they seem quite keen but I am thinking, since we don't have disabled accesses or loo's, it might be an idea for me to go to them, maybe take Georgie, they would only get to see one bird but it might be easier for them.

New Project planned

We had an idea !!

Recently, you may remember, we had a little lad Ben who has severe mobility and sensory problems over for a couple of hours to meet the birds and pet Georgie, Micro etc. He seemed to love every minute which is where the cunning plan comes in.

We have been in touch with a local children's hospice and invited them to bring along children to the haven to have a bit of one to one time with the birds, spending time with Georgie etc. That is part one of the plan...part two is to set up web cams on the various birds that they have spent time with so that they can watch them online, more interesting when they sort of "know" the birds concerned personally. Then they can maybe keep in touch and we can keep them posted on what everyone is doing via the blog.

What do you think guys? good idea?

To make it work, I have to try and scrounge a new pc from some company or other as ours is a bit cronky and keeps shutting down if we try to strem for long periods (I am on it...Dell, Sony, Packard Bell etc look out, I am on the scrounge and heading your way!)

It's raining

Ugh, hate winter...the only benefit of it is that things slow down a bit...good job or we might well fall off our perches :-)

Thanks Eaglebeard :~)

For looking after me while my back has been bad, poor EB has been working all day then fetching and carrying for me when he gets home....thanks love x