Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Pidge

Another newbie in today, an adult which isn't flying although there doesn't appear anything wrong. The gentleman who brought it in thinks it may just be stunned having flown into a window. He will be on cage rest for a couple of days then we will give him a test flight.

Pumpkin and Andrew are still in the dining room and doing really well. Both are really friendly little chaps.

The five pigeons little ones are still begging for food...amazing, they are well big enough to eat on their own, they are so sweet though, twice over the last couple of days, one has escaped from the hacking pen when I have been going in to feed them, a different one each time....next morning, there they are, sitting jiggling their wings at me, waiting to be fed so they have been popped back into the aviary, it is so lovely that they come back to see me, one was even up at the house yesterday morning, waiting for me to come out!

Meggie is still there, flying to me every morning and coming with me to fill p the wild bird food dish, she is a poppet.

Once more, I am just about out of action, I have put my back out..it was an owl that did it! We put newspaper on the feeding tables in the owls, we use a whole paper and take off a sheet each day. I changed the paper in the Europeans on Sunday, putting a full paper in as usual. Millie decided that it would be great fun to shred the whole paper into tiny pieces and scatter them all over the aviary. It took me ages, going round, crouched down picking up all the bits, went to stand up and my back just went...I am in agony!

In a way, it may be for the best as it is forcing me to take it easy without actually being ill. It feels really strange, sitting doing nothing apart from hobbling about with my stick, I am used to it when my hips are bad but this is different again. Hopefully, I will be better in a couple of days.

Tash's leg is healing nicely but she is getting very bored poor love...two invalids together!

Hannah was in on Sunday and took a load of pics so I will upload them for you all to see how everyone is doing.

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