Friday, 4 July 2008


No new babies yesterday!

Everyone is doing well, the tiny blackbirds are eating and pooing well.

The woodpecker is looking a lot brighter and even tried to perch on his branch last night.

Little Owl is also looking better. He knows we are trying to help him. He won't open his mouth for food but he will let me do it for him.

Squiff was sent to the naughty corner yesterday, He went in to the juv blackbird's cage, stole all his worms and then beaked him....little rat bag.....confined to cage till he behaves himself.

Chips is still feeding everyone in sight.

Had a cage move around and put all the baby pigeons and the dove in together in a larger cage.

Turkey babies came out for a cuddle for a while last night while we watched a bit of tv...very unusual....watching tv, not cuddling turkeys :)

OK, I have to do a big clean up in the bird room today, it is a right mess again and we are having friends over at the weekend. It is my birthday on Sunday and we are having a bbq....crazy with this amount of kids to look after but we will manage somehow I'm sure.

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