Friday, 3 October 2008

New Project planned

We had an idea !!

Recently, you may remember, we had a little lad Ben who has severe mobility and sensory problems over for a couple of hours to meet the birds and pet Georgie, Micro etc. He seemed to love every minute which is where the cunning plan comes in.

We have been in touch with a local children's hospice and invited them to bring along children to the haven to have a bit of one to one time with the birds, spending time with Georgie etc. That is part one of the plan...part two is to set up web cams on the various birds that they have spent time with so that they can watch them online, more interesting when they sort of "know" the birds concerned personally. Then they can maybe keep in touch and we can keep them posted on what everyone is doing via the blog.

What do you think guys? good idea?

To make it work, I have to try and scrounge a new pc from some company or other as ours is a bit cronky and keeps shutting down if we try to strem for long periods (I am on it...Dell, Sony, Packard Bell etc look out, I am on the scrounge and heading your way!)

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