Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Swifts

Sparks is wheezing a bit today, I have no idea why, he has been so healthy it's untrue. WE weighed him yesterday and measured his wings and he is about ready to about sod's law! I really can't think why he is poorly though, no-one else has a respiratory problem and he is in exactly the same conditions as he has been all along, maybe a bit cooler as there is no heating on and the weather is a bit cooler but by no means cold. Bit of a mystery, I do hope he is going to be ok :~(


  1. Maybe he is just acting pathetic so he doesn't have to go. Does not want you to have empty dining room syndrome.....
    Cheers christine.

  2. Great news about the finches! I hope Sparks picks up today, that does seem really strange. He must have heard you were going to release him, no one wants to leave - look at Micro.
    Hannah xx

  3. Glad you found the finches - presume that pickle and podge are our rescued pigeons from suffolk. Is there any chance of a piccy please?

  4. Yes, Pickle and Podge are your Suffolk babies. I will do some updated pics over the weekend.

  5. Not much chance of empty dining room syndrome yet, got a starling coming in today :))

    See you Sunday Hannah, no turkey poop on the floor this week !!!!