Thursday, 25 September 2008



still fairly quiet here. "Pumpkin" is doing really well and is now starting to gape for his food. Andrew has been gaping for a couple of days and is still sdorable. Both are in the dining room with Sid and Toto...oh and Tash who is confined to one room.

She is doing really well considering how big the operations was but I think she is getting a bit bored poor little lovie.

Some good news, we were sitting out on the patio last night and we heard Treacle the tawny. We are positive it was her even though we couldn't actually see her. She came over and had a chat with Gulliver in the aviary. Still no sign of Dumpling but we put food out for all the wild owls so he may just be taking food from there.

Little pigeons are STILL begging to be fed even though they are feeding themselves.

Every one else is fine and I have found the camera battery charger so I will take some pics.

Meggie is still coming to me in the garden and Pickle and Podge are hanging around as well as the muskateers, blackies atc. Quite a hive of activity.

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  1. Glad to see you are up to your usual speed of looking after your babies..OM. i am glad Lotus made it back to the wild she looked so gangly when little.
    Kind Regards OldBird