Thursday, 26 June 2008

Four More

Four newbies in Yesterday.

A young Dove, doesn't appear injured in any way, just hungry so maybe got split up from Mum and Dad. Feeding on formula as it doesn't appear ready to peck.

Young greenfinch, sat on a lawn looking stunned. Cage rest for the night, no apparent injuries.

Last two are a bit different. Those of you who have had anything to do with birds of prey will know that their staple diet in captivity is day old chicks. The male chicks are culled on the day of hatch. Although I accept the circle of life, I still have great difficulty with this but since BOP's need whole carcasses and are definitely not vegetarians, I have to put up with it. To very slightly make amends, when we collected the chicks last night, we picked up a pair of babies that we ordered last week. Two very precious, beautiful baby bronze turkeys, Parsley and Thyme. They will be hand reared and live here along with the chickens and ducks.

Two baby crows coming down from Scotland expected today

Everyone else doing well.

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