Tuesday, 22 July 2008

New little pigeon

Little fella came in this morning, just out of the nest too early I think. No apparent injuries.

All the rest are ok today, Lotus is doing well, tiny little thing, I think she must have only hatched the last day or so bless.

Both RTA tawnies seem to be doing ok, as is the magpie, all looking much better than when they came in.


  1. I get to meet a couple of new people on Friday then, should be nice.
    Still have my fingers crossed for Munkee. I suppose, in a really sad way, it's good the babies don't miss her, at least they're not stressed.
    Would you be interested in some old tea towels? I have a few if you want them.
    Hannah xx

  2. Yes please Hannah, they are great for the little ones