Thursday, 26 February 2009

Still keeping busy

Had a pigeon in with a broken foot. Made him a little snow shoe and he seems to be doing well.

Last push to try and get hospital finished....comandeered some friends last nite and had a Pizza / Painting loads done. Should be up and running in the next few days.

Babies brilliant :)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Busy Old Week

It seems to have been a chaotic week,.

Babies are doing really well, Vyv and Neil can walk now and have just started to pounce on things.
Rik is coming on in leaps and bounds, I think it helps having the older ones to learn from.

Unfortunately, we lost little squiffy duckling. :( He just went to sleep and didn't wake up but the longer he was here, the more it became obvious that there was something really wrong with him, so maybe it was for the best, still sad though. Katherine who took the otherthree ducklings has emailed to say they are doing fine and sent some pics which I will put on the blog.

We had another gull brought in, this one had been hit by a tractor and his wing was hanging off. He has been to the vet and had the rest amputated and the wound stitched and seems to be doing really well. He will obviously be a stayer.

Hospital is coming on really well, in fact I am sitting in there at the moment typing this while EB is staining beams. Another week and the birds should be in here. Georgie loves it in here, he is sitting on the desk at the moment watching me type. The worktops and the rest of the wall tiles should have arrived this week but the guys couldn't make it so we are keeping our fingers crossed for Tuesday, that is all that is holding us up really. Once tiles are on and worktops fixed, good clean and we are there.

Hannah was in today and Kelly (duck rescuer extrordinaire) came in for the day to help too. Brilliant, we got a lot done although they did most of the grafting.

Kelly....sorry, I forgot to pay you for the milk!!!!!!!!! Will give it to you next time.

Everyone else is fine, little pidgy/dove is now outside in the aviary with the stock doves, two of which are sitting on eggs already. I have switched them for dummy ones though.
We still haven't found anvone to collect the dovecotes from Lincolnshire but I still live in hope.

Other gull is doing really well and he didn't lose his eye after all. Another couple of days and we will test fly him, if ok, he will be released.

Right, off to do a pizza for tea....its only 9.00 ! :)

Thursday, 19 February 2009

That'll teach me

She is looking cronky again now. Hand fed her again and keeping her seperate from the others as they sit on her.

Worse than that though, went to give them all their bath, put little tiny in the box ready to go and she suddenly had a seizure and keeled over dead. Tried kiss of life for quarter of an hour but nothing. :( Looks like there was a reason she was so small after all.

Gutted now :((

Well I never!

I was really worried about squiffy duck last night, just laid there and not doing anything. I got her out in a towel and thought I would try some hand rearing formula on her. Took quite a while but I got some down her. She still looked really bad so snuggled her in with the others but expected to find she had died this morning.

Went in and uncovered them and lo and behold, there she was, up on her feet and first at the food bowl.

Fingers crossed she doesn't go back to how she was but she is certainly looking good this morning :))

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More duck news the three turned in to four lol.

One is fine but tiny compared to the rest, one only has one leg, think he lost the other the same way Mildred would have done, one had a squiffed tail, off to one side and one has a deformed beak, right little lot! Very sweet, all of them :)

Next task is to explain to the lady that she isn't getting exactly what I told her she was getting :)

Never mind, if they are too much for her, I will find them somewhere else or they can stay here, not sure our pond is big enough this space for more developments lol.

Duck News

Mildred is doing really well, she came from a farm where the ducklings (specifically large breed) are culled at five weeks old for meat. Mildred was rescued because she had some twine around her leg which was removed and she has made a complete recovery. However, there are three more on the farm, deemed not large enough!

Well the good news is that the lady that rescued Mildred is also going to rescue the other three tonight and I have found a lady who lives not too far away and has two large ponds who is going to take all four!! HOWZAT?

Everyone else is fine, babies are divine and the gull who I thought had lost it's eye, now looks as if it hasn't. Still not sure if he will be able to fly, assuming he survives his other injuries but it is a start.

Not much happened on the hospital the last few days as we have been busy with lots of other stuff. The worktops which were supposed to be coming today are now not arriving until Thursday.

Sunday, 15 February 2009


We lost her this evening, just too weak. Poor baby xxx

Busy Busy

thinks hotting up, we had another black headed gull brought in Saturday, looks like an RTA, lost an eye and damaged a wing. Looks a bit better today.

Also a three week old duckling, I think an American Black which are huge. Size of a shoe box already, she is called Mildred and is doing really well.

Dove/ Pigeon from the other day is doing really well, she can perch now so she should be ok.

Today we had a heron brought in, totally emaciated, not sure that she will make it, she is so weak. I am having to put a tube down her throat and giving her re-hydration fluid and tiny bits of pilchard.If she makes it through the night she will stand a better chance I think.

Babies are doing very well, plump and healthy.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

New Pidge

Had a pigeon...(well looks like another rock dove to me) brought in the other night, thin as a rake and green poo.

I am feeding her twice a day with hand rearing and she is on antibiotics. She is pecking seed as well so hopefully, she should be ok.

Babies are just stars, they are so good, so beautiful and doing really well. Vyv stood for the first time today :)

We do have a bit of bad news though, we were supposed to be taking Georgie to the children's hospice next week but we have just found that the public liability insurance is going to cost too much to be able to justify it. They can't do it without so looks like it's off :(

Monday, 9 February 2009

Everyone well

Babies are doing very well, Vyvian (correct spelling I am told by Greta) weighs over 50 grams now.
Their favourite food is quail.

Vyv's eyes are turning golden and Neil's are now open. they spend a lot of time cuddling the baby and they are sitting up quite a bit and preening. Very very sweet little kids.

Everyone else is new arrivals so fairly peaceful.

Hospital is coming on really well, EB did skirting and started fitting some cupboards tonight...thank you sweetie.

Soon be in there!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

New Arrival

#4, aka Rik arrived in the world yeasterday afternoon, weighing in just over 15 gms.

She also had a difficult hatching but seems fine now. We put her in with Vivian and Neil this morning and she looks so tiny compared to them.

She will have her first feed at 2.30 pm. The other two are eating well and packing on the weight, both over 28 gms this morning.

Everyone else at the Haven doing well, I still have a bit of flu but getting better each day.

In other news, the driveway has now been laid, looks a little muddy but as the rain washes it, it will get better.

We had the non slip flooring laid in the hospital yesterday and it looks brilliant. EB is going to fit the new window today, we had some donated and we have painted stained glass pictures on them so hopefully they will look pretty.

Skirting to go on next, then units, still trying to beg some worktop and tiles for the kitchen but it is getting closer to being finished every day.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Vivian and Neil doing fabulous and putting on weight nicely.

Viv has both eyes open and Neil one.

#4 is in the process of hatching so watch this space.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Both babies doing very well and gaining weight, almost 2 grams each.

We lost #3, looks like he piped into the air sac and ran out of oxygen before he could hatch...RIP little sweetie

#4 looks fine but not pipped yet

Monday, 2 February 2009

Vivian & Neil

Both babies doing well, eating, pooping and being generally beautiful.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Babies

We now have two little treasures, Vivian and Neil, weighing in at 17.7 and 17.1 grams respectively.
They are absolutely gorgeous.
Numbers 3 & 4 not hatched yet
We are running live footage on the web cam

Sorry haven't done pics yet but we are soooo tired, virtually no sleep for 3 days and nights.

Early night tonight and I will hopefully be better tomorrow so will do them then
Mind you...think I have Flu now !

Thanks Eva

Thanks to Eva on camstreams, we have a whole load of pics of Vivian hatching.

I have put one up and will pop a slideshow on tomorrow.

Too tired tonight trying to get #2 out of her shell