Saturday, 19 July 2008

All ok

All fine today, no great calamities or anything.

3 new additions, we have another juvenile starling called Sid who has to be "little sid" so big Sid doesn't get upset, a pigeon who lost his tail to a cat but it otherwise ok and another Tawny owl hit by a car. It seems ok but we will know more if it makes it through the night ok.

The little thrush is ok, Chips is still feeding him and the adult blackie is doing well although she is still too sore to be able to fly.

Oh, I do have some good news actually, remember the crow that came down from Scotland who had a deformed foot? well I strapped it up which was uncomfortable for him but I took the strapping off today and honestly, you wouldn't know which foot it was, it is perfect. Much better than I could have hoped for. He can grip the perch, stand and walk on it so I am well happy with that and so is he I think.


  1. Good news on the scottish crow. Very well done OM.
    hurray today is sunday or Hannah's day as it is now
    enjoy and keep up the good work.
    regards Kathy

  2. Haha, and a fantastic Hannah's day it was too.
    Take care OldBird,
    Hannah xx