Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Another Onion Egg

She laid another one today, once again with Donald in attendance.

Both baby dove doing really well as is the poorly pidge

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Onion & Donald

The sweetest thing happened yesterday.

Onion the turkey went into the hen house to lay her first egg. Donald, the runner duck (who never leaves her side) was in there with her and just stood beside her until she laid the egg.

As soon as it dropped, he ran out of the house, running round in circles, shouting as if to say, "it's an egg, it's an egg". Then after telling us all, he went back in nuzzled her with his beak them plumped up the hay around the egg. The chickens tried to go have a look at the egg and he shooed them all away and stayed with her, guarding the egg until she came out of the house.

He is such a sweet boy, it is magical to see different species taking care of each other, he really loves her bless him :)

Sage was outside the house while all this was going on, stopping anyone going in. Quite a little delivery suite we had going on, all that was missing was a cigar for Donald!

Start of the baby season !

We had two baby collared doves brought in this morning by a lady called Gillian. A Rook or Crow had taken them from their nest and then dropped them. One of them has a wound on it's side but I think it will be ok.

They are less than a week old by the looks of them, sweet little babies. We have them in the donated brooder and they are snuggly now. They have had two feeds and already, they are begging for food so getting the formula into them will be no problem.

Now they are warm and fed, they are very lively, snoozing between feeds but as soon as I open the door, they are up on their little feet.

EB is setting up the cam later today and we will be streaming them on the web during the day. I will try to feed on cam but we will have to see how we go.

I have to say that having the hospital is amazing, already it has made a huge difference. Having space, cages set up and everything to hand is wonderful, I love it. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped to get it ready, especially EB who has worked his socks off to get it ready for the spring babies...we made it, just in time. We now have hot water, drainage and everything. Big Smiles from Owl Momma.

Kelly (our duck rescue helper) brought in a sick pigeon the other day and we all thought he had had his chips but after antibiotics and crop feeding he is looking much better. Very thin but I think he will be ok now thank goodness.

Kelly also came in today to help which was great as we were a bit worse for wear after EB's Birthday dinner last night, we only realised at midnight that the clocks had to go forward....bad timing!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

All quiet

Nothing much happening on the bird front. We have Magic the crow here for the weekend but no other newbies.

Micro is out side all the time now, back in his aviary at night and loving it.

Rik is coming on in leaps and bounds, lovely little person he is, not on cam much now though, prefers flying around like a loonie.

EB spending all his time building in the hospital block, making an outside loo and freezer room bless.

Happy Birthday

It is my big brother's birthday on Friday and then, on Saturday it is....Eaglebeard's birthday.

Happy Birthday both of you, love you lots xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 16 March 2009

The Weekend!

Traditionally, the most relaxing time of the week....oh no, not here it isn't!

we had a work crew in and they did well, getting on nicely with the next aviary and laid the base for the new toilet room in the hospital block.

Kelly came over to help again and did loads.

Vyvian went to her forever home and seemed fine with it. Rik doesn't seem to be missing her too badly but then, he has had loads of cuddles.

Just had an email from a lovely company, agreeing to donate the underground drainage that we need to connect up the hospital block :0) Thank you Neil :0)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Beautiful Wall Stickers

I cant remember if I told you but a company called Walls of the Wild said that they would donate some bird stickers for the hospital...well they arrived yesterday and they are lovely! Just waiting for a frieze that I ordered before they agreed to donate and then I will put them up and take pics :)

Also, the freezer that Whirlpool donated arrived yesterday. The freezer room floor has been laid and the new window has been put in, next step is to lay some more of the non slip flooring and put up wall cupboards then we can move the freezers in.

Primrose the little quail with sore feet went home last night so we only have 3 little ones in there at the moment.

No accidents yesterday but I have to say, I still feel a little dazed....or is that the normal me?????

Babies doing brilliantly, when we get visitors, they fly to them and cuddle up...how sweet is that eh? :))

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Accident looking for somewhere to happen

Don't know what's wrong with me but I seem a bit accident prone. Yesterday, I fell over, really heavily and went face first into the patio door! I thought I might have broken the bridge of my nose but I think it is only bruised...hurt knees and wrist too...then this morning, opened the lid of the food bin where I keep wild bird and chicken feed. It is a really heavy lid and as I was bending into the bin to get food, the blessed thing fell down and cracked me on the head. Big lump and seeing stars...again.

I think the best thing for all concerned and me in particular would be for me to go back to bed and stay there!!!!!!

Poor Blackbird

Poor little fella died yesterday but to be honest, I am not really surprised, little thing like that being hit by a car didn't really stand much of a chance. At least though, he knew people cared, had a warm bed and food in his tummy, better than dying at the side of the road. RIP little sweetie XXX


I have changed the way I put pictures on. You should now be able to click on a picture and it will take you to the high resolution pic on the web site so that you can download them. Please feel free to use them for yourselves but I would be grateful is you refrained from using them anywhere else, publishing them or anything like that. If you do want to use them for anything other than personal pleasure, could you please email us through the website and maybe make a small donation to the Haven?

I have not gone back through all the pics as I am a little busy but if there are any particular photos that you would like, let me know and I will upload the high res pic for you.

Monday, 9 March 2009

The Ducklings

Just had an email to say that the ducklings are doing well.

Picture of the Babies

Quite a few of you have asked for a photo of the babies. If you look at the links on the left, we have put in a link to a high resolution picture which is on the web site. As you look at the pic, Neil on the left, then Rik, then Vyv. You can either print the pic direct or download to your pc. Those of you that have said you would like to use it on your desktop, go to pic, right click and save as desktop / wallpaper.......Enjoy :)

Good Morning

Hello everyone,

Lovely sunny morning here in Norfolk.

Another crazy weekend here at the Haven, loads of people milling around, lots of work done. Hannah was in on Sunday and we had a work crew who are building a new aviary ready for a couple of Barn Owls who would like to come and live here.

Neil, now Winston, went to his forever home on Saturday. His mum and dad are lovely and Winston seems to have attached himself to them straight away. No change in either his appetite or cuddleability. Good luck little man, have a lovely life sweetie xxxxxx

Vyvian is here until Saturday when she goes to her new home. Rik of course is staying and what a little darling he is, he spent most of Sunday cuddled up in my shoulder....terrible burden to have to carry around but I managed :)

Life is already better now that the Hospital is up and running even though we still have a few jobs to do in there and we are not yet "plumbed in". Much easier having a bit of space and all the bits and bobs in one place.

We are working on the rest of the building also as we need a freezer / examination room and a toilet etc.

Current occupants of the hospital are Simon the collared dove who has wonky legs, (strapped up), Primrose the quail who will soon be going back to her proper home, the pigeon with the broken foot who is getting on great and another pigeon who appears to have flown into a window and keeps bleeding from his beak. Another few days cage rest and he should be good to go.

We got a call last night about a blackbird who has been hit by a car. He seems perky but can't stand. He/She is coming over this morning.

So...another busy week ahead!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sharing a moment

Lovely moment tonight. Babies were playing pounce on the sofa in the dining room.
Eb came home and came into the kitchen where we were having a chat and making a coffee. Next thing we know, Rik runs in and goes to daddy for a cuddle. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We then went into the living room and the other two came running through! I think Rik knows he is staying :))

Here's Whats Happening

Sorry I haven't posted much but I have been really busy and have spoken to most of you on Camtreams anyway :)

We no know the sexes of the babies, Vyvian is a girl and the other two are boys. Since we really wanted a boy we have decided to keep Rik as he is the baby. Neil...now to be known as Winston, goes to his new home on Saturday and Vyvian who is keeping her name, goes to her new home the following Saturday.

We are going to miss them very much as I know all of you are but they have got lovely homes to go to and I can't cope with three of the hooligans once they start flying :)

All else is going good, we have had a dove called Simon with deformed feet brought in and we are just waiting for vet opinion to see if anything can be done, also a pigeon which appears to have hit a window maybe but is otherwise fine. Another day or so of recovery and it can go free.

We are now up to 27 so far this year.

Got more good news today, Whirlpool, god bless em, have agreed to donate a freezer for the owl food. We have several very old ratty ones which use a lot of power. This is a large one an along with another couple of nearly new smaller ones that some friends have given us, we should be sorted.

Hospital is now occupied although we have a few bits and bobs to do yet. I have bought a big friexe of various birds to go on the wall and a company called Walls of the wild have also agreed to donate some individual bird decals so it should look good and pretty by the time we have all of them up.

Other good news, we have had a reconditioned computer donated to us which should be here next week and this will be used to stream the cams so those of you who watch them will be pleased to know that their should be no more system crashes!

Just a thought, we keep being asked if we have any video's of the babies and other critters. We don't as we don't have a camcorder. If any of you out there have one that you don't use, we would be grateful for it please.

Thats all for now, have to do the dishes since it is the maid's year off!

Wayhay......Just this second got a call from Numatic to say that they are donating a Henry Vacuum cleaner for the hospital.....OMG it all seems to be coming together all of a sudden.

I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky....humms off into the kitchen to do dishes with silly grin on face.