Sunday, 21 September 2008

Lotus Released

Sniff....we released Lotus the moorhen today bless. We took he to a nearby pond where there are other moorhens. She had a great time splashing around and swimming. She then took off, flew the width of the pond and landed in the reeds....right where the other moor hens were!!!!

Panic stations as they objected quite strongly. We rushed round to the other side, not easy as it is very overgrown but we couldn't see any sign of her. After much searching, we had to give up and come home. We then went back later armed with nets, wellies, bread for the ducks and moor hens and a flask of coffee for us.

We sat for a while and I called her, all of a sudden, there she was, she came over to where we were sitting. She wouldn't actually come to us, we have made a point of trying to make her wild in preparation for release, but she came fairly close to us and she was absolutely fine.

I am so pleased we saw her on the second visit, I was really cap it all, we went for a drive through country lanes on the way home and saw two Little Owls, out catching their tea....big smiles.

On a light note, Micro spent the day with the pigeons today, he is a fool honestly. He went in when I was hosing them out this morning and refused to come back out until tea time. the pigeons couldn't have cared less, not in the least phased by him !


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