Monday, 15 September 2008

Still alive and kicking

Here I am :~)

Sorry to those of you who were worried about me...I have been proper poorly and my email hasn't been working but I am still here.

I am feeling a lot better now and thanks for all your good wishes.

Things have really quietened down now thank goodness. Loads of this year's kids have now been released and we have 5 young pigeons left to go who will be ready in a week or so. Aside from them, we have an injured dove and an injured pigeon.

Everyone from the big aviaries that can be released have been, including our two tawny owls, Treacle and Dumpling who hung around in the garden for a few hours before flying off. We made a DVD of the release which we are hoping to show on the web site soon. They haven't been back to their aviary but we do put food out for the wild owls every night so they will be able to take food from there if they are hungry while they are adapting.

I had a lovely moment over the weekend, little Meg, the tiny dove who has grown into a beautiful full size dove, was released about three weeks ago. Yesterday, I was stood in the garden with Hannah when she spotted Meggie in the apple tree next to us. I said hello to her and she flew on to my head. She then rode around on my shoulder for ages and then came onto my hand. I took her over to the feeding station and she had something to eat. She then followed me around all afternoon and has been doing the same today, well cool.

Pickle and Podge are also hanging around the garden, sitting on top of the aviaries most of the time although they won't actually come to me.

The chaffinches, blackbirds, blue tits and various pigeons are still here too. The baby turkeys are getting huge and hang out with Donald, the runner duck. Micro is still wonderful and shares his aviary with Marley when he isn't out and about. Georgie is still doing well and is a little darling, he looks forward to Sunday's I am sure as hannah often takes him for a long walk in the woods.

Now things have quietened down, we are trying to have a good clean and tidy and getting on with some of the things that have been neglected over the spring and summer.

It has been a lovely year with loads of babies, and, I am pleased to say, a high survival rate. To those that made it, good luck little ones, fly high and fly safe, come home whenever you like. To those who didn't make it, RIP sweeties, it was a privilege to have spent some time with you and I hope we made your passage a little easier.

Over the winter, I won't be posting every day but I will keep you informed of anything that happens.

Thanks to all of you for your support this season, it makes a huge difference to know that people care.

Keep an eye on the web site as we make changes.

See you soon,

OwlMomma xx


  1. Hi OM glad you are feeling better and have found the keyboard again :)
    you have done a marvelous job all thru the year and i suppose it doesnt stop for you.
    Rest and recover dont do too much too soon.
    Kind Regards OldBird

  2. Pleased to hear that you are recovering and that Pickle and Podge are reluctant to leave you!