Monday, 13 April 2009

Wild Bird Condo

We have a huge multi storey bird house at the bottom of the garden, massive it is...bit of a story attached but not important really. Anyway, I went down there today and on the back side, six of the boxes have nests in them, not all finished but well on their way. The holes at the front of the boxes we think were too big so EB has modified them toda, hopefully they will start being used now too.

We also have a blue tit making a nest in the box on the patio. We are pretty sure it is one of our last year's babies which is excellent. Trouble is, cam needs focusing and we can't really do it while she is in there but if we get a chance, we will do it.

EB now trying to set up a cam on the condo, difficult as the bottom of the garden is a long way away. If he manages it, we will be able to see exactly who is using it.

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