Saturday, 25 April 2009


All doing well, a new volunteer started this week, Jackie which is excellent, thanks Jackie.

Blitz is now in with Hamish, the Scottish Cow and that seems to be going fine, settled nicely.

The four doves will be going into an outside aviary today or tomorrow and Licorice is almost ready to go out too.

Bumble Bee is doing fine although we have had to take her out of a cage a she has hurt her eye (not serious) sticking her head through the bars! She needs to stay in a plastic sided cage!

Bo Peep is coming on in leaps and bounds, I am sure she will be fine now.

The Blue Tit in the net box has 7 eggs so far.

Had another cat spit baby blackie in but the infection took hold and we lost it overnight.....I wish I could find a way of saving these one, we seem to lose every baby that has been bitten by a cat. I think next time, I will give antibiotics regardless of age, not much to lose I don't think. :(

Kelly is coming in tomorrow, not sure about Hannah.

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