Sunday, 12 April 2009

All doing well

Baby Dove is doing well, we went out to see family for a few hours today and she came with us in the brooder. Rik came too but he wasn't too keen on the car journey, it seems he gets travel sick poor baby. He spent the whole time cuddled in my arms on the way home. He was fine while he was there though and is ok now :(

Licorice is doing well, he is in a big cage now. J&B and Simon all doing fine in a big cage together, little ones starting to feed on their own.

Grandad Pigeon is fine too, just old really. We also have one of the stock doves in the hospital...the rest are all netted into the dovecotes but the males were a little over enthusiastic with this little girl and she needs a rest. She seems to have hurt her leg too but nothing serious I don't think.

We have two new additions to the Haven, a pair of Barn Owls aged 15 & 14. There were living with a lady who can no longer take care of them and so they have come to live out their days here. they seem to be settling in ok.

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