Monday, 20 April 2009

Busy Weekend

We are spring cleaning aviaries so a busy weekend was had by all. Hannah came over which was great, thanks Han. Crews were in building some aviaries which are looking good.

All babies doing well but we did lose old Grandpa pigeon a couple of days ago...RIP old fella XXXX

Baby Dove (Bo Peep) is coming on well although still breathing a bit oddly. Licorice is huge, as are Jenson & Button. Bobby is now in with them and Simon, and all four will soon be moving outside.

Bumble Bee the duckling is a sweetie and is growing daily.

I will have a bash at taking some more pics later today if everything doesn't get too crazy.

Oh and Rik....well he has now added pouncing on cats to his repertoire, little devil :)

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