Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lovely sunny day

We had a lovely day today. Kelly was in to help...we had a little crisis, Jenson got out of the release pen when Kel went in to clean them....she was worried sick that she had let him out. he went or a walk around to see if she could see him and came back looking dejected, we turned around and there he was, sitting in a shrub next to the release pen, little darling. I just picked him up and popped him back in, smiles all round.

After that, we decided to release the seagull as he was back to normal and wanted to go. Off he flew, large circles around the garden, getting higher and higher then off he went.

We then decided to take the net off the stock doves (which we have been told are actually Tippler pigeons!) Off they all went and we thought we wouldn't see them again as they just disappeared....late on this afternoon, low and behold, back they came! We aren't exactly sure if they all cam back as some have gone into the dovecote but at least 8 of the 11 we know are definitely back so that was good.

All the babes ae doing well, as is the kestrel. Onion is sitting on eggs (chicken ones though as we don't want to hatch any turkeys) oh and Bumble Bee had a swim on the pond today for about quarter of an hour and loved it.

Bo peep is growing well and seems fine now too so all is well :)

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