Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Had a crow called Blitz brought in last night. Nothing wrong with him, he is last year's and was raised in captivity. Like Micro, he has trashed his feathers. Unlike Micro, he is not tame so he will just live here until he get his new feathers then he can be released. He is in with Hamish the scottish crow, also due to be released this year.

The Kestrel i doing well, all the bugs are gone and she is eating like a horse.

Bo Peep the baby dove is also doing much better.

Licorice is fine as are all four doves. All bearly ready to go outside in aviaries.

Bumble Bee the duckling has doubled in size since she got here so no problem there.

We may be getting a baby squirrel in so watch this space. :)

Rik is being a munchkin, pouncing on everything in him xx

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