Thursday, 16 April 2009


Bobby is now in the big cage with Jenson, Button & Simon, all getting on well.
Licorice is doing fab, growing lots.
Grandpa Pigeon not doing so well, but I think he is just really old.
Baby Dove seems a little better which is good news.

I had to go collect two new ones yesterday...a just hatched starling which died before I got it home and a fledgling blackbird which died overnight. I think whoever found it had given it water which had got into it's lungs...Please, please don't give baby birds water. The air hole in their mouths is so large that water frequently goes into it and they die. Soak some cat biscuits in boiling water, leave to cool and then break pieces off, they will get all the moisture they need from that until they can be taken to a rescue centre.

Today's new addition is Bumble Bee the duckling who is extraordinarily cute....Spring has Sprung!

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  1. Thank you OM for that tip about not giving water to young birds... I will try to keep that in my noggin... dementia allowing for future reference...:)