Saturday, 9 May 2009


Phew, bit intense here!

All 5 peanuts hatched but one was smaller than the others and we lost it yesterday. RIP little one xxxxx The other 4 seem to be doing ok although it is very early days and they are still very very tiny.

The babies in the brooder with the cam on them are doing great, still not sure what they are though.

Blue tit in the nest box has so far hatched 6 out of seven eggs, babies seem to be doing well.

Bo Peep has just started pecking seeds today so also doing well.

Bumble Bee is now out in a run in the garden and just coming back into the hospital at nights.

Licorice is now feeding another blackie youngster, Allsorts is doing well and is about ready for out side. I am keeping Licorice in for a bit as she is so useful with the babies and she seems happy doing the job.

The little greenfinch is amazing, first in the queue for food and singing all the while.

All four Dunnocks doing great although the little one has a couple of times, gone very lethargic and had to be put under a lamp and rubbed a bit, almost as if she is having mini seizures...bit worrying but the rest of the time, she is great.

Ollie Rook is doing great, feeding himself.

Amy the pigeon is also doing well, soon be ready to go I think.

We lost one small black bird today, neither us or the vets could see what was actually wrong but she couldn't seem to stand, my theory was that she had been clipped by a car and had a broken pelvis. Anyhow, she has been very weak from the start and she just gave up in the end. RIP sweetheart. xxxxx

All the garden people are doing well and Rik is spending some time outsixe each day in a spare aviary which he loves.

Best bit is, I got a lie in this morning as EB did the early shift.....way to go that man ! xx

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